As we close the third week of Friends Who Write Season 2, it's time to pause and celebrate the remarkable achievements of our writing community. This week, an impressive 40 teams stepped up to the challenge, contributing over 120 posts to their chosen Territories.

The diversity and quality of submissions continue to highlight the incredible talent within our community. Each post, whether a gripping narrative, a heartfelt poem, or an insightful essay, contributes to the narrative that defines Friends Who Write.

Teams whose members all completed the third submission milestone:

Best Ferns
Real nightmare
Scary events
Athena DAO and their Purpose

Grow, Dammit!
Sees the Small Things
Knitted Together

Chicken Helmets
The Underground (1)
Confessions about Studying Philosophy
The Dracaena Trifasciata

hispanic heart
Moral dilemma: Demian
Ch. 2 centralization fighters

Hurricane Sisters
The Reunion

daisies, damp earth, and cinnamon
Unlocking your magic through writing.

Las Moiras
Last call
20 tips for entering your 20s

Le Sbarbine
Revolutionary desire?

Les Fedz
Chapter 1: The Inauguration of the Balzart Museum
Best Friend: Mehdi B
Monsters don't exist part 2: Introduction #3
Léa, my BFF

Londtrecht Writers
How To Self-Publish a Novel (And Do It Right) - Part 7
Short stories of longing: The floating kind
Writing prompts from the workshop
Stories of Motherly Abandonment: The Visitation Room

Rethinking Nigeria
It’s simpler than I think

Mushroom Protocol
[Interview] Maria Goreti: Revolutionizing scientific publishing with deScier
Exploring the Future: My Startupbootcamp Experience and the Promise of a World of Opportunities
Science, Innovation and interdiscipline in the age of cryptocurrencies
The science behind memecoins

Mystic Inkk
Third time's the charm Chapter: 5
Third time’s the charm Chapter: 6

No STRGL, no progress
Diet and its effects on your health
The STRGL of design

Ofelia and Lawrence
Ofelia and Lawrence - Women in the Wild
Ofelia and Lawrence - Women in the Wild

Overthinkers Anonymous
Why this really is fine though...
IWD: a systemic scam?
If a man eyeballs a hottie while cuffed to his girlfriend in the forest, does it make a sound?
"This too shall pass" drives me INSANE!

The Limbal Isles - Part 2
My Best Friend Nominee
Women are From Venus, Men are From Mars
Antarctica | Pt.1
The Magicians Potion (Part 1)
“Kanhaiya / कन्हैया ” Part - 1
Pigeons by the Palace

Plain Sight Writers.
Enchantment (Poem)
🩸Welcoming: Chapter Two — The Day Before.
The Rescue.
The Sky is Pink: The Beginning
The Sky is Pink: The Conclusion
Being an African in Web3 - My Experience (3)

Huluppu Tree & Inanna Goes Down
This Is Our Recipe
Growth Phobic
Masks of Insanity | Probability.
My Dear Venice.
[Book review] Digital minimalism - Cal Newport
Some thoughts on our perception of work

Tokyo Blues Writers
Affection. / May 2022, Castelfalfi
I would / Vorrei / March 2023
The Neon City, pt 2: One Fine Day
dora's world ** umbra
An Open Letter to Evangelists

Triwizard Texts
My own personal drug
From Villain to Champion: The Videogame Revolution in Promoting Mental Health

Vinyl Team
Will the physical world dominate streaming?
Being Myself Ninja
The Duality of Spotify: Navigating Between DIY Musicianship and Monopolistic Practices
What is a vinyl record to me? A personal manifesto.
"Music should be your escape" (Missy Elliott).

W3 Rebels
Endure Pain to…Endure More Pain
Nomination: JD
Crossing the Void (pt. 3)
Best Friends Prize Nomination: Quanta
Project management and getting things done with Tana
Vae Victis Part 3
Nomination: E.R. Donaldson
Nomination: HankRyder
Best Friends Prize nomination
Myth: Sustainability Is An Impractical Wardrobe Choice For Me.

Watchful protector
Upgrading backwards?
The Silent Exit

Web3 Writers Union
Am I Turning Japanese? Maybe...
Best Friend: Rionna Morgan
On Normal Behavior & My Inability to Conform
Chapter 2: Who Makes the Profits?
I would like to nom-nom-nominate "Donut"
Call for Submissions - and about this Journal.
On the Word : Forgive
The Spell - Chapters 4 & 5
DAODAO Multisignature Wallets: Essential Web3 Security Technology


Teams whose members partially completed the third submission milestone:

Buena Oro

Cent2al Park
Navigating decision-making in decentralized organizations

cheerful oxygen
Serpent's Tooth

Nomination: DC

Female-Specific Health Insights Every Woman Should Know (Part 1)
The iconostasis

Immortals ❤️‍🔥
The Chronicles of Cassiopeia

Wormhole: The Game Changer

NEO Masterpiece Films
[01] The World Of NEO: The City of Zion

One Piece
Maybe I'll Try Tomorrow

SciFi Guys
My first love?
My Enemy

The Kingdom
Meet Nuurvik -- Agent of The Gruush
Out of Ovruk Pass
The Sundering

Decentralization, Blockchain, and User Sovereignty

Unit Zero Labs
Digital Asset Markets Report, March 2024

Wooden Lining
The world revolves around you

Word Wizards
Kimi no Yakusoku (Your Promise) Chapters 3-6
Kimi no Yakusoku (Your Promise) Chapters 7-9


Let's make the final week the best one yet! Keep writing, keep sharing, and let's continue to support each other in this intense and incredible writing adventure.

Warmest regards,
Head of Growth,