My nomination won't be nearly as eloquent, but now that I know this prompt exists, I totally need to partake. @indefatigable is without a doubt one of the best that humanity has to offer, which I'm sure they don't agree with, but it's true (and you know what a terrible liar I am).

They are amazing if for no other reason than they put up with my bombardment of texts (some unreasonably long). Sometimes I'm droning on about something only @indefatigable has the patience to wade through. Other times it's just a random thing...or about knitting...or dog pictures...or something annoying that probably wouldn't annoy anyone else. It doesn't really matter. But they always humor me even though I know they have so much on their plate.

On a more serious note, I'm impressed by what they have built for themselves. I see them fighting all the time and not giving up no matter the stress life hands them, and it can be a ton of stress. I don't think they give themselves enough credit. Much of what they experience would break people. They have definitely made their mistakes, but I see them giving back in unique ways when they don't have to.

They fuel me to keep going, and give me a reality check when I need it most. They keep me honest when my default is to not be particularly compassionate or understanding. They have pushed and supported me to be more creative...this t2 project included. I can get so lost in whatever unnecessary pressure I put on myself, but @indefatigable prompts me to take a moment and explore things that are more creative. In turn, I find myself appreciating the things in life worth appreciating. I've found myself looking around me more, especially the small beautiful things. So many pictures on my phone are inspired by what I want to share with @indefatigable.

And finally, I don't have many people I can talk about my work to. Not many people understand it in the way I need them to. I can always rely on @indefatigable to engage with me on the level that helps me grow in the work I love so much. It also allows me to feel less lonely, and like maybe what I do is enough.

(Image description: three up close colorful bowls filled with an assortment of different beads. A clear container of beads in the background.)