When Jay emerged out of her bunker dripping wet, K was already there chilling on the lawn, looking as fresh as if he were on vacation. Vi (pronounced vee) was standing next to him, and as soon as she saw Jay, she ran to meet her.

"Was there anyone here outside when you arrived?" asked Jay.

"There was a suspicious pair hiding across the block, but when they saw us approaching, they disappeared behind a building. We ran to try to reach them, but they left no trace. It seemed like they disappeared into thin air," replied Vi.

"Like Ninjas," interjected K. "So glad you are alive by the way! We were about to go get you out of your new swimming pool." As always, K had excellent humor in the most inappropriate times.

"No we weren't," Vi corrected, "I was. You were sunbathing like an Ecuadorian iguana."

"I hate cold water; I was warming up a bit. Less I got a cramp and drowned. Then I can't even save Jay or myself," protested K in return.

"Thanks guys for coming in such a hurry. I have so many things to ... " and as Jay was saying this, she realized her body ran out of adrenaline. The soreness of last night's battle and today's morning fight for survival were catching up. She would have fallen to the ground if it wasn't for Vi's agility.

"Yes, yes, dear Jay, you have many things to do and think about, but not immediately. Now you have to rest, let's go get some tea," Vi said wile catching her and helping Jay sit. Vi, as gentle as always. Jay wondered how she could be a fighter. Most of them were nasty or selfish anarchists. Which is not a bad thing, but many times incompatible with such tenderness and caring. Jay thanked K internally for bringing Vi over. Maybe he is much more empathetic than she thought.

Jay could walk on her own, but Vi and K were attentive just in case she feels like dismaying again. Jay's favorite tea shop was a bit far from her house, but again, she chose to live semi-secluded. "It's more private yet accessible to main services" she would often say when questioned why she lives in such an odd place. Of course, she doesn't want to tell her family and best friend how paranoid and prepared she was for the worst. Not many neighborhoods have secure bunkers to live in. She would never bring her friend or family over to visit for obvious reasons.

Half an hour later, they arrived at the tea shop. Walking helped Jay combat tiredness and gently warm up her muscles, alleviating the soreness from the previous fight so she didn't feel it as intensely as when she woke up. They all ordered different things: for Vi a vanilla rooibos, K asked for a double espresso and after drinking that, he asked for another one, and Jay asked to have a green tea with, ugh… ginger. Which she hated but knew it was going to help her recover. None of them had breakfast, it didn’t seem like a good idea yet.

"It's barely 7 in the morning and I can't believe we are awake. Didn't you two fight last night" asked Jay not knowing how to start thanking them for being there.

"I did," said Vi "but don't worry about that now Jay. Tell us what happened."

"I didn't fight, since you asked, but I would still be sleeping if it wasn't that Vi woke me up. She heard your message." said K.

"K!" Vi screamed in a low voice. "We are not supposed to tell anyone."

"I figured since we just saved Jay she will keep our secret. Besides, I don't want her to think she can text me at freakin '5 am again and I will be there to rescue her." replied K.

Jay was indeed surprised K had showed up with Vi, but now she was even more surprised. Fighters are not supposed to date each other. It's not forbidden, it is just such a bad idea since you will eventually have to fight your partner and there are consequences to losing a fight. Why would you want to make your partner go through that? But again, some fighters have partners that don't know about their secret fighter life which makes it difficult or even impossible to sustain a long term relationship. Most of them simply don't have partners, and just date people who never stick around too long. Many thought Jay had never dated anyone and it was true. Jay got lost in her train of thought and took her two full minutes to get out of the shock. Maybe after all she was still in shock from this morning adventure.

"Jay, are you all right?" Vi asked while snapping her fingers gently in front of Jay's face. "you with us?"

"Yes, yes, sorry, I think this shocks me even more than knowing someone is trying to kill me." replied Jay.

"Someone is trying to warn you. If they wanted to kill you they would have," said K, as if he held the entire wisdom of the universe when he spoke.

"What do you mean warn me? They tried to drown me to death!" exclaimed Jay trying, like Vi, to lower her voice so they wouldn't attract much attention. They were, anyway, but there was not a lot of people in the tea shop, just the two typical early birds who are probably writers or buddhists.

"Yes, yes"," dismissed K, "but if they really wanted to kill you, there are more effective ways. Especially if they are sending a couple of disappearing ninjas. They could have done the job easily. Were you aware of any enemies, Jay?"

"No. I have only tried to get away from the capitalist world I hate, discretely and never telling anyone openly. I am not an activist or protester trying to change the world. I am only one individual sick of it all." was Jay's reply.

"Why did you join the fighters?" asked Vi. And that was a story Jay didn't want to share with them. She didn't trust them that much despite their support.

"I don't understand!" exclaimed Jay to avoid Vi's question. "Who could possibly want to warn me of something or kill me?"

"Maybe they are testing you?" Offered Vi. "They put you to a drowning test and stayed behind to observe what you would do. They didn't mean to fight, those guys just ran when they saw us approaching. They figured we were there as your backups. It means you have resources and people to support you. Maybe they wanted to see if you were as lonely as you seemed."

And that hurt Jay so much. Because deep inside she didn't want to be alone. But she had been pushing everyone away ever since… pretty much all her life. And she found solace in the fighters. Enough company to not be alone, but in a group where she can remain mostly anon. With time she became an expert pushing the feeling of loneliness away as with many other feelings. Vi’s idea resonated with Jay, she may be right.

"I still think they are just sending a warning,” said K. “I don't care if they hire the most mystical ninjas to do it. Whoever is behind it can’t be as smart and patient as you say, Vi. Enemies usually aren't as nuanced and just want to get things done. So you better think, Jay, who hates you and what have you done to piss them so much."

"Typical mansplaining, dismissing a woman’s idea just because she was born female. Careful with that K. You might get yourself into a fight you are going to lose no matter how strong you are," was Jay’s direct response to the offensive intervention of K. “It is OK to say what you think, but it is important how you say it, too.” Now, Jay realized, she was feeling sharper, the tea was kicking in, and making her feel alert and prepared for what comes next. Only she didn't know how to figure out who her enemy was, and was it a message or a test or just a failed attempt to killing her… So maybe it was a good time to go to her Teacher.

“Sharp as a knife like always, are you Jay?" asked K sarcastically. "I think you are better now. My mission here is done."

"Maybe yours is, love," replied Vi. How odd it was for Jay to see how someone could lovingly care for such a brute and insensible person as K. But I guess, he has many other virtues, and Vi knows how to defend herself. "I am not done till I find out what's happening. I am here for you Jay. What are we doing next?"

"You're too kind Vi," Jay responded quickly and a bit nervously. "But you don't have to worry about me. I’m glad you came in case I needed backup for a fight. It’s a relief there was none and that I can leave you two be, without troubling you again."

"If you say so," replied Vi, unconvinced. "Remember only a fool never changes his mind, Jay. Be wise and know you can count on me. And that means you can count on this lizard, too."

"Hey!" protested K. "Why do you drag me into this?"

"It is your fault, love. You let her know we are together, so why pretend that I can not extort you to do something if I want?" said Vi. And Jay was proud of her. After all she does have a strong character. Now it makes sense that she was such a great fighter, too.

Jay knows it was time to visit A. Maybe she won't have any answers but she might know how to make sense of this. Jay hoped she wouldn't screw things further with A like last time.

They were about to part ways, leaving Jay to her thoughts in the tea shop when Vi turned around to say "oh, and if you need a place to stay for a couple of days you can stay with us."

Jay looked perplexed, having forgotten she has to figure out what to do to her 'new swimming pool'. "What a day," she sighed.