My nomination for the πŸ’–"Best Friends" πŸ† Prize is my friend Donato (aka "Donut" here in Web3) - his t2 profile page is here: πŸ“š Donut_Web3

My two reasons for nominating him (besides the fact that he's a wonderful writer and a very kind & helpful person) have to do with how much he's done to help other contestants - and the fact that he did so despite the fact that his own best writing doesn't get counted in this particular contest!

1. Helping Others. Donut has been instrumental in bringing seven new teams of writers (26 new members) to the contest, setting up AMAs in their Discords to explain the contest, share links, get people registered, and answer questions! He also started his own team and used it to give a home to people who'd felt out of place elsewhere, or who were looking for someone else to write with - and I have to say, some of the best writing that I've seen so far has come from members of the Tokyo Blues Writers!

2. He's an amazing poet, but... if you've read the writing on his profile page, you'll see that Donut writes really great poetry - and can translate it across two languages! Unfortunately, because the poems he writes are not lengthy Norse sagas or Greek epics, they don't cross the "1000-word" limit for this contest - but they're still gorgeous works of literature - and for him to win one of the "Best Friends" prizes would be a way to help recognize that he's not JUST a great friend - but a great poet!

Thank you for your kind consideration of this nomination, and please see the comments / ❀️s for those who agree that in friendship, helpfulness, poetry and pastries, Donut is the best! πŸ˜€