we start grab your thoughts together and think what is depicted here

DO you remember when you were attached to any person last time except your family

If you do so just try to memerise does their absence affected you even for a minute

If you cared and loved them with from all your heart even a small percentage you would have affected by it am i right , And when they leave for a while the world felt like its not worth living for more because you cant bear the pain of de-attachment with them even for a while


So what does happen in the moment actually people like us are little bit inoccent in that particular situation that we get take every people as our own but the other person is there only to take advantage of us so that's the case , we think oh this person talks to me for a while that means i am his only bestfriend but the other person might have other intentions

i am not telling everyone's like this but after the boom of social media and so much garbage data its yet proven that most people are becoming like this only they only come to you when its the time for their need to get fulfilled and leave and i hate this thing because this shows there;s no good connection has established enough, there;s no more that kind of love people are becoming more and more like that,

And i mean if we get attach to them too much its the worst thing we are doing to us because the absence will hurt us from inside and out and most of us are on social media getting attached and stuff so it will take them just ONE SECOND to block our profile and move and you will be laying in your bed thinking all day and night alone what actually happend am i that bad?

am i not capable of even talking good? bro that hurts a human to the spine and felt the heart wrenching our from our body that's the moment which kill us mostly , JUST ONE SECOND AND THE WORLD WILL FEEL LIKE HELL!!


So i might not be your friend to tell all this but I am LESSNIE user with a web3 social where people are reading this in a filtered way where people can exchange their ideas and everything with all their heat open so whats the next topic we should discuss? IT's how social media controls us our emotions why is it needed to detox for a while I am also a victim of it so im writing to remind myself too haha,

how does it control? just look at your usage timeline on your phone you'll get to know ,either you are waiting for someone scrolling shorts videos , or trying to create content it;s all in there with the fact that its reminding us to check every 5 mins how many likes we got how many comments do we got , or even just an addiction to get some dopmaine of random videos scrolling it with brainless ,

It's just eating our healthy mind from inside as it killing our time and mind itself as we are watching people getting success in terms of something by just dancing with not even real moves and the real dancers are not even getting recognized , Moreover people have a feeling that the less deserving people are getting more (they have this feeling who are working on same niche) so maybe its true or not we should come to an endless debate the world has always been unfair for some people and its somehow true .


How do we get out of this thing? the mid answer is we can;t totally get out until we have that crazy level mindset but we can atleast numb and slow down for a while and decrease the usage that maybe can help somehow if not then we should find our own way because we all work in different ways. New series comes out people run to their accounts just to binge watching and not realizing they left their importing work which has already passed their deadlines still ruining it more by not checking out the real work to be done .

It's not all about a series a social media account it can be an addiction of a person too just like i said earlier its the most brutal thing if you have an addiction and its hard to escape i agree because the damage will be so big you can't bear with it . if you haven't faced such kind of experience in past .


It's a rollercoaster of emotions you don't wanna ride that's the thing its the game of emotions which people play now a days its a harsh truth but yet we have to swallow Just keep your surroundings clean you'll be there clean too if not it's what you will become the most hated by yourself in the mirror what can i say this thing is the most important to set your surrounds good or you will be assigned with bad ones

(it depends on the person) but you can change your surround whenever you want but be aware the evil will try to bring you back so just try to get in the track of becoming like them ,Choose the best even though you are forced being to get into toxic people its all about who will help you in your hard times with nothing to take back but at the end you.

ll find there will be none in your hard times its only you and your family so just focus on the good thing or see both sides to choose what not to do and whats good what can i say more in one article lets get into the next week of t2world where we'll get into other topic until then get your keyboards and join the marathon of one month in the LENS PROTOCOL,BYE.