Léa has always been there.

I remember the first time we really bonded. We were left alone at home while our parents were away on summer vacation. She was working in a bakery, and I was playing video games. During those two weeks, we decided to embark on a horror marathon: watching at least one horror movie every day! We went through the worst duds, but we had an unforgettable time!

Since we left our parents' home, we have never lived in the same region. Several times, even in different countries! Yet, despite the miles, the time zones that separated us, I could always count on her to encourage me in my writing. Whether it was reading, advice, help with software, she was always there.

I have great hope that she can continue to lift me up, and that we can leave something positive behind us. A journey taken, stories shared, universes built.

Thanks again for being you!