Hello writers,

As Wanshu is enjoying the company of pandas this week in Sichuan (scroll down for panda photo), I have the pleasure of sharing the spotlight on teams that have successfully completed their second week of Friends Who Write.

Teams That Crossed the Finish Line

Team NameSubmissions
AnataReal eyes realise real liesStacia Dunne, Part One
AnisthaSome thoughts on evil and beliefShow Thyself A Man - Chapter 1 - Part IBlackoutThe fallen starMy missing neighborA Mouth Full of Letters
Bear With UsUnrequitedAnd with her motivation, the sky fell down
Bio WritersModernity is the Origin of the Non-HumanBacterias: Our Silent FriendsTokenomics in a Nutshell (ERC-20's)
chees meesAre free will and determinism compatible?Letter 2Letter 3
DecentDecaying Categorial MeritocracyEarn
DivergentSKIN TO SKINJust a friendMake sure you see the goodWhy Stories Capture Us
GennesManifesto of Young Women(s)Stressed Out? These Science-Backed Tools Can Help
HotpotBreaking Free from Gaslight Manipulation in the WorkplaceThe Bumpy Way of Receiving a New Apartment (Part One)
Hurricane SistersWelcome to Air LifeThank You, Enchilada BoyCaptured—Part 1
Las MoirasAs a breezeThe Bloody LotusNature, Nurture, Blood on his Hands and Blood in his Veins
le sbarbineNico collects people in his notebookredirect
New VisionThe Hot ShitDoes Jesus have a place in today's world?
No Sabo KidsNathan's Artificial IntelligenceThe House of 21
North London MafiaHow To Self-Publish a Novel (And Do It Right) - Part 2Literary Gap: How Anne Elliot and Frederick Wentworth met
PraguestersA LONELY CELLThe Transformation (short story)
Team One PieceThe World is Still LockedTokenized Assets: Where Real World Meets Blockchain
The Bell JarsMary Shelley and the Plight of the PrometheanInsomniaA Cat's OdysseyMusings on the News and Belief
The Frog Pond 🐸Wish FulfillmentBu-Reau-Cra-Cy
The UnhingedWhen the Grey fades to Black.My (unconnected) Attempts at Romance.....
Water Appreciation SocietyAbundance lies in the Hexagon, the 4th phase of WaterThe Water Appreciation Society. Earth is 70% water and so are you.
Web3 Writers UnionThe Strange Order of Things Explains ConsciousnessI, Watch - Days 10-16 Author NotesAmerican Justice and Classified DocumentsClass & Property in a Socialist SocietyOn the Design of a Poetry.Reviews Territory : Payment for AdministratorsFrom the Journal of a Murderer - Part 2
Women of LettersFear and FateLife goes on or does it?The Deep Sea Dame of Dover
Write on timeEscape the castle Chapter two - The LegendThe Grief Diary- Ch. 2

Teams That Achieved Partial Submissions

Team NameSubmissions
Duo du pavéPart four
Graverobbersthe end of time/suneaterOn March 15th
Green GoddessesAugur Ignis
InkMastersManifesting the life you deserve5 Key Lessons from Writing Grace Blevins
MijakeOn Pen On PaperHer
Penpal PosseA mirror and some distortions
QueenThe Last HumanThe cycle of long distance one-sided love
Team Hedgehog11 more minutes in a glass of roséThe Hanzo Kingdom I
The MillinersA Solarpunk Typography ExposéHow the Hats Protocol Will Transform Your DAO Experience
the repliersI missed my chance at becoming France's First lady: A Story for the MOTH

If you have any questions regarding the results, please don’t hesitate to contact Wanshu at [email protected].

I'm so proud to also share that a phenomenal 67% of registered teams submitted this past week. As far as I understand, this is nearly 3 times the average retention of similar writing cohorts, and we believe that what makes our cohort special is your team members. ❤️ Please give each other a pat on the back, and power through the next deadline this Friday.

You've all worked hard to put pen to paper/hands to keyboards. But getting your content to readers is another piece of work

Tips to Make Your Content Stand Out

1. Use a cover image
The right image could provoke curiosity, bring up sentiments that complement your writing, or speak to readers in another way. Stock images from Unsplash or other sites are great. But feel free to also experiment with something more personal like photographs or doodles.

2. Complete your profile, ideally with a photo
This is not a beauty pageant by any means. But readers want to connect with you beyond your writing. They want to know who it is they're reading from. A couple of notes in your bio will go a long way. A profile photo helps you stand out and shows people who you are. It doesn't need to be a portrait, either! Plenty of writers here use illustrations or even memes to convey who they are.

3. Share your posts with friends
This may be obvious, but sometimes we could use a little nudge before we feel like our work is "good enough to share". There's no such thing! Progress is better than perfect. How could you learn and improve if you're not sharing and getting feedback? Plus, for the purpose of this writing challenge, the more verified reads you get (only t2 user reads count towards t.p.), the more likely you are to win one of the Impact Prizes.


Baby panda in a tree, taken by Wanshu

Enjoy the panda photo and have the best time writing!

Co-Founder & COO

PS. in case you missed it, I wrote something of my own this past week. It's a deeply personal story, and I'm truly grateful to invite each one of you to share it with me.