CW-:This content may not be suitable for all audiences as it contains graphic descriptions of gore and depictions of an individual that is lacking empathy,

Have you ever fallen from a 13-story apartment, died before hitting the ground and spilt all your insides in front of a small child? Uhm? Me neither. But that woman had just done it. Masterfully I must add.

I got up from the railing and like a cat, I slid through the bars that separated me from the woman whose name was Mariana Ortiz. 38 years old female, divorced and mother of two children who from this moment would be orphans. Depression, insanity and new drugs will be what appears in her death certificate as the cause of death. Or that's what it should state if I had done my job well. Probably the family and close friends would be shocked as she always seemed to be a bright and lovely individual. But those doubts will be clouded the moment they find drugs hidden in the bulk bed of her hostel. Illegal ones may I add.

Still, it would be all a lie. A lie that I have used for many before her and I will still maintain for the ones after her.

When I arrived at the scene, her body was spread out on the asphalt, her beautiful face disfigured and her greenish eyes staring at the void. No longer showcasing the light she was adored for.

The boy who had witnessed the “accident” was paralyzed, in pure stupefaction and probably scarred for life. What a lovely thought.

I grabbed him by his hand and gently guided him to a bench. Should I finish him? Mm. Too meshy.

The boy squeezed my hand.

Oh, how lucky you are, you little creature. I will put on my best mask and my most practised smile just for you. So, please, follow the act, okay?

“Hey boy, how are you doing? Do you know where mummy or daddy are?” I asked him as I smiled softly at him as I repeated to myself ‘A panicked child is a mute child’. And I needed to know as quickly as possible who the heck he was and if somebody would miss him. Not that I would care too much either way.

“I-, I-, what? Why is that lady like this? Why-,” his eyes filled with tears and his rosy cheeks became wet to the touch. I have lost my nana-, I want my nana. Where is my nana—”, His fragmented voice dissolved into sobs” Nana—.

I had to suppress my laugh. Crying human babies are always so funny to the eye.

“Hey, breathe. One two...exhale...Yes, that" I told him while his fearful eyes searched for comfort and peace in mine while following my instructions. "Exactly, keep it up, you're doing incredible. "I need you to answer some questions and everything will be fine.” I really need to get to Mónica. The scavengers must be getting closer, those distasteful dogs of “Akrshawm”. And that little thing was distracting me…

"Pinky promise?" It asked me while raising its trembling index finger. How small and delicate it is. What corrosive envy of a fairy tale past. I wished I could crush it.

"Pinky promise?" I responded while smiling and connecting mine to his. "Everything is going to be fine" A lie, "I'm going to make sure everything is fine", " What a filthy lie", and don't worry about the lady. She is just taking a nap. Focus on me.”I pulled it close to me in a hug. I didn't even have to force him. Like a sparrow seeking the warmth of its mother, it slipped into my arms and then fell asleep as I slipped my needle from his neck.

I grabbed it and left it on the nearest bench. So soft sleeping there. Not knowing that it was an appetizer left by me for the scavengers who would come any time soon. Attracted to Monica. Oh, gosh. Her smell. I could only fantasize how she could taste. Ah, I smiled at the thought. What a pity that I couldn’t taste her. I licked my lips at the mere thought of her blood going down as a warm elixir. So long…What a sweet fantasy…

Argh, what now? My alarm had started beeping. Muffling my desires.

“What-, why-?,” I gazed upon the sky trying to find the sun that was up in its full splendor until a few seconds ago. Only to be met with darkness. I looked to the sky... Which could only mean something-:

“They want me there. Oh fuck”, I muttered under my breath. My whole body tensed immediately at the thought of not being on time. Of their cruelty being laid upon my skin and their overwhelming power in my mind.

I turned to Monica and grabbed her by her feet. Her insides were flopping from her opened abdomen, leaving a nasty trickle of blood on the pavement. Spoiled blood which the city's outcasts would later lick in an attempt to calm their madness. Egregious creatures. The thought of my prey helping them in any way revolted my stomach.

“How the hell do you weigh so damn much, Monica? Aren’t you supposed to be anorexic?”

Distraught, I began to open the compression bag before remembering that I wouldn’t be able to get her to a proper place to dissect. I had to do it the way the streets taught me. On the floor, with the rats that were starting to get out of their holes. Attracted by the smell of fresh meat. Hunger. Desperation. Despair.

Oh, Mónica, why did you have to be so complicated? Didn’t I grant your wish to live in your forever fantasy? Away from your so-called monsters? Oh don’t look at me like that, I don’t care if I created them if I could get them away from you.

I stared at her. Oh, Monica.

Mónica, Mónica, Mónica

You are definitely an outstanding specimen. What a shame that I can only treat you like that. Full of nasty rats, and odour. You should be lying in the most beautiful operating room while having your valuable vital organs distributed into their corresponding and sterilized bag. Which will not be the case.

I introduced my hands into her. Thanking that she had already been open from the fall, meaning less time dedicated to her. While selecting the organs that I would carry out to my patrons in exchange for my ration my vision became black for a few seconds and a horrible pain started running through my veins.

My hands froze in mid-movement. Paralyzed in the air. Terror started kicking into my alert system as a terrible realization came into sight.

The drug for which I did this reprehensible work. —Unworthy of being carried out by a being like me—. It was not the one they had promised me. Nor the quality for which they had put their hearts in the balance of the agreement that my body required. If I get off this madness alive I promise to tear you into pieces you damn fools. And a fool for being deceived!

The drug, “The Bloody Lotus” was running through my veins. Wishing my death. Roaring for food. Consuming my flesh. Darkening my veins in their characteristic lilac colouration. Pushing through my soul.

Oh, blood. Too much blood.

“Mónica, you will be the death of me”, I whispered to her as I dug my hands into her feeling the click of a gun pressing against my head.

Cloto out.