If you're reading this, chances are you've seen "t.p." in various places on the t2 app. Time points, or t.p., are a representation of the native reputation system on our platform. Here is everything you need to know about time points.

What is t.p.?

Think of t.p. as something like video game experience points (XP). It is rooted in the most basic concept of t2: deep reading. Instead of holding your attention hostage in exchange for ad revenue, instead on t2 you're rewarded for reading through the accumulation of t.p. As a result, over time, the total number of t.p. is directly related to the amount of time invested on t2, and can serve as a proxy for trustworthy actors on the platform.

How do I earn t.p.?

There are few ways you can earn t.p.:

  • As a reader, you can earn by deep reading content on the network
    • As a writer, you can earn by creating content that leads to deep reading by others
      • In the future, there will be more ways for users to earn t.p. through propagating content, collaborative writing, and participating in Territories

        Time points take up to 1 hour to show up, so if you're not seeing them on your profile just wait a bit and check back later! 

        How do I use t.p.?

        Currently, the primary way to use t.p. is to deposit it to join new Territories. Some Territories have t.p. requirements as a way to de-incentivize bad actors from joining and negatively affecting other Territory members.

        Your deposited t.p. is returned to you when you leave the Territory. This is akin to putting your reputation on the line (represented by t.p.) that you've accumulated to ensure a safe participation environment in the Territory.

        Soon, moderator tools for Territory admins will allow bad actors to be banned without returning their t.p., deposit, leading to a net loss in reputation.

        Learn more about becoming a Territory member by checking out our Territories V1 release notes.


        Time points are t2's first foray into experimentation with incentive-aligned systems that reward the user for their intention instead of selling it to advertisers. We'll continue to improve t.p. and build more use cases for it. In the meantime, here are some of our favorite reads!

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