At t2, we're forging the future of social writing experiences for the modern digital age of publishing.

With Territories V1, we’re introducing new ways for writers and readers to interact, fostering community discussions on niche subjects.

Territories, true to their name, are broadly defined, semi-cohesive, yet borderless topics of discussion for writers and readers to explore. Territories can range from general areas of interest like t/PopScience, to niche and self-defined, like t/NeededAdjustments.

After collecting feedback from our community, we've identified several challenges associated with writing:

  1. Writing is hard. It takes dedicated time and effort. Even if you have something to say, starting something from ideation to publication can be daunting.
    1. Sometimes, all it takes is a spark of inspiration to start your draft, a catalyst for ideas to bloom.
      1. Writers are looking for feedback and discussion with others who share similar interests.

        With the community's insights in mind, Territories V1 introduces two pivotal features: Territory Memberships and Prompts.

        Join a Territory and become a member

        For t2 users looking to connect with others on niche topics, you will now be able to formally join Territories as members. Once you become a member, you can:

        1. Publish new posts directly within the Territory
          1. Create new prompts in the Territory
            1. Reply to prompts with a new post

              To join a Territory, head to the Territory homepage, and click on "Join Territory" in the header section.

              If you meet the Time Points (t.p.) requirement, you'll be able to deposit your t.p. for membership in the Territory. Each Territory is able to set its own t.p. requirements, and the t.p. is returned upon leaving the Territory.

              Because Time Points are used as a reputation system and accumulated when reading and writing on t2, requiring a deposit of t.p. disincentivizes bad behavior and spamming, allowing for higher quality discussions and engagement within Territories.

              Once confirmed, you'll see a list of Territories you're a member of on your profile page.

              Even if you're not a member, you'll still be able to read all the prompts and content in the Territory, allowing readers to accumulate the necessary t.p. to become a member. You'll also be able to participate in the discussion via the comments section on posts and prompts.

              Create a prompt and spark a discussion

              On t2, everyone can be a writer. With prompts, we're making it easier to participate in Territory discussions, while also inspiring your fellow members with new ideas.

              Once you are a Territory member, you'll be able to create a new prompt by simply clicking on the "New prompt" button.

              Fill out your prompt title and description, and even elect to amplify your prompt with Lens.

              We're excited to see the many creative ways in which prompts can be used. Here are 3 ways we see this happening:

              Reply to a prompt with a post

              What makes prompts so powerful is the ability for Territory members to reply to the prompt with their own post. Along with its own dedicated comment section, prompts are the ideal surface for finding writing inspiration and deep, meaningful, thoughtful discussions on niche topics.

              To reply to a prompt, select a prompt that interests you on a Territory homepage that you’ve joined. On the prompt page, click “Reply to prompt”.

              This will open the editor, pre-loaded with a new “Replying to prompt” module at the top. Once you publish this draft, you’ll see the same module on your published post. Click on this module anytime to go back to the prompt you’re replying to, and you’ll see your reply on the prompts page as well!

              If writing an entire post is not your style, feel free to join the discussion via the comments section.

              Lastly, for Lens users, all posts and prompts can be amplified with Lens, meaning you can carry on the discussion from any Lens-compatible app, and see comments across the Lens ecosystem!!!

              Members can Post in Territories

              Last but not least, Territory members are able to directly publish new posts to the Territory. Simply click on “New Territory post” on the Territory homepage. The Territory will be automatically pre-selected for you in the publish settings.

              We see this as the foundation for a new mental model of content distribution within Territories, allowing writers and readers with similar interests to engage with each other through deep, meaningful, and inspiring conversations.

              The future of Territories

              The above features are merely the beginning of what we have in mind for Territories. Here are some things that are coming down the pipeline:

              • Get notified on relevant activity
                • Content distribution for Territory members
                  • Admin and moderator roles and features
                    • A special partnership with Orb Communities for more mobile support

                      Feedback and Comments

                      This is the first major release for t2 in a while, and we couldn’t be more excited to share it with you. Your voice helps us shape the direction of t2 as a social writing experience, so please leave your ideas, comments, feedback, hopes and dreams, or firstborn child, in the comments.


                      How can I delete a prompt? Coming soon!

                      I don't see a Territory I want to become a member of. How can I make a new Territory? Currently, we’re taking requests for new Territories directly through our community team. If you’d like to create a new Territory, head to this prompt under t/TimeSquare. Post a comment or reply on what Territory you’d like to see, and we’ll reach out!

                      I was previously an early writer for multiple Territories. Do I still need to become a Territory member? If you previously have published a post in a Territory, or have claimed a badge in our previous iteration of Territories, you’ve been automatically granted membership in those Territories.

                      Can one post be in multiple Territories or Prompts? Currently, one post can only be in one Territory. One prompt can have multiple post replies, but one post can only be linked to one prompt at the moment.

                      Do I earn Time Points for writing prompts? Currently, users do not earn t.p. for writing prompts, but reply posts under a prompt will. If you’d like to see this happen, let us know in the comments section!