Time Points, or t.p., continues to be one of the key ways to distinguish high-signal and reputable contributors on t2. Time Points are a representation of your time spent on the platform, can be accumulated through reading and writing, and are used as a good faith deposit for Territory memberships.

As we continue to develop the t.p. ecosystem, we’ve made a few changes to how t.p. is accumulated, recognized, and visualized across t2.

An update to writer time points accumulation

First, we're making a major adjustment to the way writer t.p. is accumulated on the platform. Writers now earn 1 t.p. for every 1 t.p. generated by readers, bringing more parity to time points for the current state of t2.

There are a few reasons why we’re making this change:

  • Previously, writers earned 0.1 t.p. for every 1 t.p. readers generated, taking into account the assumption that there are generally more readers than writers on t2 by a large margin.
    • As a result, writers earn very few t.p. (in comparison to readers) from publishing on t2, and is not an accurate reflection of the effort necessary to publish a high quality posts.
      • We want to allow writers to continue to feel recognized and motivated by t.p. accumulation, just like we have heard from readers.

        With this change, we hope that t.p. becomes significantly easier to accumulate, laying the foundation for more t.p.-related actions in the future.

        We will monitor closely how this change impacts your experience across readers and writers. If you have any feedback, leave it in a comment below!

        New product updates related to t.p.

        In addition to adjusting the writer t.p. earnings, we’ve also introduced a few new features that bring more clarity on how t.p. is leveraged as a strong signal for Territories and their members.

        Territory Member Recognition

        We’ve introduced a new leader-board style section to the Territory home page, showing the most active readers and writers within a Territory.

        We built this feature primarily to reward active Territory members by recognizing their contributions to the Territory, and to offer transparency into how t.p. is being viewed and accumulated.

        Territory Member Recognition

        Tickers for Territories t.p. activity

        On the hero section for Territory home page, you might have realized a small percentage indicator. This indicates the percent change in time points this week relative to the previous week.

        We’ve introduced this as a way to offer valuable information about the performance of a Territory. While the total amount of t.p. can be helpful to grasp the overall reputation of a Territory, it is sometimes hard to track the changes and differences in numbers over time. Hence, we’ve made it easier for users to understand if a Territory has been active in recent weeks, while also using it to reward Territories with high growth rates.

        In the future, we hope to display this in more places should it be helpful to understand trending Territories on t2.

        Time Point Change Indicator

        Visibility into your t.p. changes

        On the user profile page, we’ve added the number of t.p. accumulated in the last 7 days from both reading and writing.

        We’ve heard from our users that t.p. has been a great motivator and reward system for writers and readers, so we wanted to make those increases more apparent to everyone. It also serves as a signal for other users on t2 to understand how active other users have been in the last week.

        If you find this helpful to know, make sure to leave us a comment below, as we’re always thinking about how we can make your t.p. accumulation more fun and transparent!

        Profile t.p. Change Indicator

        Visualizing t.p. on the post page

        The last item we added to the post page is a t.p. counter telling users exactly how many time points they have accumulated from reading the post.

        Currently, the maximum number of t.p. that can be earned from reading on a post directly correlates to the number of minutes users have spent on it. For example, if a post is predicted to be a 3 min read, the maximum amount of time points that can be earned is 3 t.p.

        To find out more about how t.p. works check out our time points explainer post.

        t.p. visualizer on post page

        Thank you <3

        We’ve heard that t.p. is a unique feature users really love, and we always want to make sure we are doing our users justice by recognizing fairly the contributions of readers and writers.

        As always, leave your thoughts below! Have fun reading and earning :)