At the end of times, we returned,

Catalysts of Earth’s destruction,

Summoned by the wails of Mother Nature,

Waiting in a room beyond the grasp of time.

Soulless walls cocooned the stern furniture,

Legs kissed with purple of clumsiness.

I stumbled through the reception,

My phases whisper across the surface of my skin.

I announced my name as I approached the mirror of glass,

Aruna, bounced in waves around the room,

My own silvery voice ridiculing my ears.

As the woman at the counter ignored the air around her.

Her raven hair rippled down her shoulders,

Recounting the waves that once hugged earth.

Whispering the tales of ships,

And the men that once rode them.

The emerald green of her dress,

hidden beneath her deteriorating cloak.

A story of the grass’ murder,

The clouds of industry smoke trapping it beneath.

I repeated my name, a plea rather than a statement,

Her silence questioned my importance at the end of times.

Her scarlet eyes ripped themselves from the scroll before her,

The room reflected in streams upon her face.

Acknowledged at last, her wailing voice declared me.

Guided to the stonesque furniture,

I found myself isolated in the corner of the dark room,


At once, the chime of entrance sounded,

As the room began to glow with warmth.

Looking up I found myself faced with light.

Where my hair was dark and my skin was dull,

Her face was a ray of hope.

Where my face was peppered with white spots,

Her hair haloed her perfect golden skin.

It was impossible to ignore her entrance,

The dark room immediately radiated in a bright blue.

Hina, she whispered, and yet the name radiated.

Turning the tips of my ears red, a blush I had never experienced.

I glanced around the room,

Begged with my dark orbs for it to shrink,

To open the seat next to me to this girl.

The stone heart inside me thumped for the first time.

Her eyes met mine across the room,

A natural phenomenon.

Dark and light finding a moment,

Day and night’s common ground.

I took a moment to centre the tides,

Of emotion rushing through my body.

Basked in the light, reflecting it back,

Killing the darkness on the other side of the room.

A pull of gravity rippled between us.

opposite me, fixed apart,

By the table of cadet blue.

Permanently out of reach.

Words skipped form her mouth,

With replies tumbling from my tongue,

Desperate for connection,

Hopeful for reception.

“What a waiting room.”

Her laugh glowed from her eyes,

The dullness of my face, flushed.

“I’m Hira,”

Handing me her ticket, denoting her purpose.


I smiled, showing her mine.

“I suppose we are the last,”

I’m glad, my brain interrupted.

“It looks like it,”

Is what I allowed to escape.

“You don’t say much, do you?”

The night is a quiet,

When the world gets to sleep,

And the earth gets to breathe.

“I’ve always been shy,

Never the brightest star in the sky,

Constantly surrounded by light,

And yet shrouded in darkness.”

“Well, I want to hear about what you have to say.

Everything you see on the earth.

The night sees people’s true nature,

Day reflects the surface of humanity.”

I stared at her for a while,

The only spotlight I had ever had,

Was in this moment,

Reflecting her light.

“When the rain settles,

And the paved roads reflected,

Artificial sunlight,

That is when I am most at peace.

When cars don’t pump out fumes,

And the morning dew prepares,

Settling between blades,

That is when I am most at peace.

When babies sleep,

And their parents get that single moment,

Enveloped in love,

That is when I am most at peace.”

Everyday, I get to watch love,

And yet I have never felt it,

Until this moment,

Whilst seeing the galaxies reflected in your eyes.

“I suppose you know about the day,

As you keep the tides at bay,

And you get to see, from you place,

Deep in the sky.”

“Please tell me what you love,

The most about the day”

The plead dripped from my mouth

Bathed in desperation.

“In the day, I see laughter,

As children swing around,

Hands grasping their friends,

Smiles beaming

That is when I am happiest.

In the day, I see kisses,

Dogs and humans run,

Chasing after plastic balls

Tumbling together,

That is when I am happiest.

In the day, everything is amplified,

The good, but also the bad.

Light is killed by the exploitation of love,

When awake people face hunger and poverty.

The dark gets to hide away from corruption.”

For a time, we sat in silence.

The lesson of light and dark,

Permeating our minds,

The only sound

our hearts in tandem.

“The dark hides those issues,

But they still exist.

Shrouded in darkness,

People do their worst”.

A beat of silence.

“But you cannot let moments,

Acts of cruelty stop you from being happy.

You must focus on the good”

Hira looked across at me,

Her eyes fading from sadness to joy.

Her face clouded by the images.

Gliding evil and joy across her mind.


Stomped on the moment.

The silence that entrapped,

Us together.

The figure stood in the corner of the room.

Filling entrance of earth

A gate of stone, lined with maga


burning the void beneath it.

She encapsulated rebirth,

A figure balanced,

Dark hair and pale skin

The perfect battle of morality.

Her hands clasped at her heart.

Her claws tearing at her own hands,

As her tongue of decaying flesh

Danced along her porcelain fangs.

Hira raised at the call of her name,

She glanced momentarily,

A final statement twitching,

In the air

“I guess darkness is the last to go,

Even at the end of times,

Sun does not outlast.

Hope gives way to fear.”

And with that she flickered away,

Far away from me.

Even at the end of times,

The moon remains,