Skins are the clothes of our flesh. It covers it up and also act as a seal of our beauty.
Highlighting and defining us. It’s the largest organ in the body and as humans we take our time nurturing it. Always looking to buy products that promotes a healthy glowing skin.

In the same vein, I want us to look at our skin as not just a cover up but as our identity.

We must strip ourselves off every dead skin every time to become anew. Exfoliating dead cells that do not co align with who we want to become so we’d be shiny and brazen with a new glow.

To become shiny requires a lot of underground work just as we acquire a range of products to boost the skin’s appearance and it materializes over the years, so also should we be willing to do a lot of things that would help us to be our best selves.

We’re certainly not going to look the same after time passes, should we then act the same way? Growth isn’t linear and stagnancy isn’t either so why should you pick the option without positive effect over the one that has benefits attached to it? We should view life from the stand point of growing.

Trying to reach your goals and aspirations without working on and through yourself is like trying to grow a plant with only sunlight and expecting it to bloom or yield fruits. To be fruitful we need to prune whatever dead branches may stunt our growth, ridding ourselves of those character traits on our skin that doesn’t suit our future.

With new skin, we become more comfortable. That way we’re more free and our ability to breathe in fresh air is heightened.

We can go around in confidence knowing we look our best. This is how it is when you go to places knowing we need to prune whatever dead branches may stunt our growth, ridding ourselves of those character traits on our skin that doesn’t suit our future.

The energy put in investing in our abilities, strengths and character should be similar if not greater than the one we invest in skincare products. Consistent, patient and potent.

Staying the same way and doing the same thing expecting to grow is futile. We must search continuously for new ways to reinvent ourselves to become great. We should move from skin to skin with each new skin better and burying the old one. We shouldn’t hesitate in saying goodbye and burying our old ways for better ways to surface.

The world is made up of people in different skins and complexions. It is our skin that differentiates us from each other. It is what makes us unique. We shouldn’t try to imitate another skin and neglect our own. Becoming our best selves and working on our skin to become its best is blissful. True beauty comes from appreciating the uniqueness of each person, race or culture. We can’t all be the same. Where’s the fun in that? But coming together showcasing each of our diverse skins, talents and traits is a rare beautiful sight. Seeing the best of each human manifest in unity to one another makes the world colorful and luxurious.

To have a skin, an identity or a trait is rich but basking and growing on it is luxury. We weren’t designed to remain the same way. Change is constant and growth is part of life but we must pursue the positive parts of it. Leaning into the goodness that comes with evolving and ensuring we make conscious effort to make each day a better experience than the last one is blissful.

Staying the same way is bland, even society doesn’t stay the same neither does time stand still.

The popular saying “time waits for no man” is so real because time really waits for no one. You have to move with the time and progress, dropping whatever dead weight or skin could hold you back. ​

There are some reptiles that shed its skin and grow a new one. They can’t do that if they stay in the same place, they need to ambulate freely and breathe fresh air. Looking it at now, it’s the same with humans. We need to try new things. Don’t be scared to leave a place or a setting. Explore freely. There’s no award for been redundant. If the setting doesn’t give you fulfillment anymore, feel free to grow out of it and find new ways to live.

Living isn’t linear and neither are humans. We’re born to explore and grow. Re-define yourself, give yourself a new meaning if the former doesn’t suit you anymore. The actions you take today towards yourself determines what you identify with tomorrow. Would you rather stick with the old dead skin or consciously try to grow a new and better one? Don’t be scared of what you’re letting go off or leaving behind in the process because what is coming could be way better and bigger.

You already know what staying in the same skin looks like because you’ve done that before so why not take the risk and see what changing into a new one looks like?

There are things you may be doing that doesn’t serve you or people in your immediate surroundings well, would you stay that way or look for ways to change?

For me, change is a very beautiful concept because it assures us that whatever our past may have been it doesn’t deter the brightness of our future. The bleakness of today doesn’t hide the brightness of tomorrow. It’s your choice to go after it, actively pursuing the ingredients that concocts greatness.

Remove from your today what spoilt your yesterday to make your tomorrow better. Don’t live in what could have been and slide into what could be by making those positive choices. We’re made of skin in different shades and hue, from skin unto skin we must embrace change, evolving into our destined beauty and basking in its uniqueness.