Inspired by the Cloud Appreciation Society and brought together by the Water Youth Network and friends on our travels, our society’s mission is to share water moments, in pictures, paintings and poems, but also in music and dance. We enjoy water stories beyond science and daily news and decided to build a community that speaks water consciousness and entertainment to everyone. We believe that water is not just a vital resource but a source of inspiration. We invite everyone who enjoys sharing water stories and moments to join us.

With our initiative, we foster a deeper connection between people and the vital element of water. Our mission is to bring together individuals who share a profound appreciation for water and its essential role in our lives.

Water is not only a fundamental necessity for life, but it also holds immense cultural, ecological, and emotional significance. Our society seeks to explore and celebrate the many facets of water, encouraging participants to engage with this precious resource on a profound and artistic level.

Eli & Claudi (Clouds) decided that the t2 friendswhowrite is a beautiful example of artistic expression as it provides a platform for our growing community to share our appreciation for water with a wider audience, thereby amplifying the impact of our members' work.

This summer, we were lucky to spend time together travelling through Europe, exploring and discussing all things water. We are usually based between the UK, Germany, Japan and Portugal and try to cross path in the same location as much as possible.

Our posts are reflections of our exchanges this summer, voice notes turned pen pal.

Together, we can create a more water-conscious and interconnected world through the power of art and personal water experiences.

We invite you to share a range of art forms such as water photography, water poetry, water paintings, water literature, water-inspired music, and water dance as we aim to rebuild a sense of nature-connectedness and facilitate personal water moments that inspire and rejuvenate.

Eli & Claudi