Chapter I: Hanzo & Sora Tree

In a faraway hidden land called Hanzo (means "hidden" in Japanese) covered with lush green grass. Wet swamps and bogs are scattered everywhere and are full of life, the rivers flow across Hanzo are in the shape of a snake providing food and water. Underneath the trees, there are bushes of all colors, and old tree trunks are furnished with colorful mushrooms. When the sun casts its warm rays on Hanzo, the entire land comes alive. The beautiful moon at night gently ignites the land. The area is filled with ubiquitous trees of all kinds, but one species stands out - the Sora tree (which means "sky" in Japanese) it was undiscovered till the kingfisher birds did while fluttering over the skys of Hanzo and told the whole animal kingdom about the richness of Sora tree, This tree is the tallest tree as it names suggests it can reach the sky. The kingfisher bird shares it with every living soul in Hanzo and it is home to many animals, squirrels hide in the tree’s holes, hedgehogs climb and use the leaves as a bed sheet, worms crawl across the bark, bees nests to feed their queen bee and every creature is welcomed to use the resources. It is known for the kingdom of Hanzo that is favored habitat for kingfishers and it is considered the first bird to discover it. There is a rule that only the top area of the tree belongs to kingfishers, because it is the home for the nests and the younger birds as the kingfishers can’t lay eggs elsewhere.

Chapter II: The Hatch of Fuyuko

Kingfishers are rare birds known among the Hanzo kingdom for their cleverness and magnificent beauty. They have a bright body with a blue head and a long beak that they use to hunt fish, which makes them attractive and impressive hunters. They lay only once and up to three eggs in their life. A pair of kingfishers who had been together for five years are eagerly ready to start a family. Under the moon's gentle ignite, they mated and patiently waited for the mother to lay their eggs in the spring so the eggs can be hatched in early summer. She laid only one egg and bizarrely it’s shape is different from the usual shape and color of kingfisher’s eggs. There were black stripes and the color was blue. The wait felt like forever, the arrival of summer for the couple was slower. Obviously it’s a feeling that everyone experiences when craving for something. A rumor started in Hanzo about the egg and many birds started hovering over in the top sky trying to steal the egg while the parents were protecting it day and night. The summer came to an end and the parents were disappointed that the egg didn’t hatch. They didn’t give up and waited months till winter arrived, under a harsh and stormy weather, thunders were roaring, the sound of rain was loud. The parents endured the hardships and they thought that they won’t have any offspring for life. The next morning after the sun rose, the Sora trees surprisingly started blooming red flowers in midst winter till they became covered in red. In Hanzo the red color symbolizes a gift and a grace, few minutes past then another miracle happened. The mother heard the first crack of the egg and called the father, staring at it curiously and waiting to fully crack, a sound of “pee pee” could be heared, they held their wings together and then the egg hatched fully. A small kingfisher emerged from the egg with a black body and a white head, looked at their parents continuously giving sounds of “pee pee pee”, The pair were suprised because it looked different than any other kingfisher in Hanzo, the mom said welcome to life Fuyuko (means “winter” in Japanese) and with traditional kingfishers dance calling other birds to celebrate their new offspring. Upon the Fuyuko’s hatch, the rummor continues to spread even further in Hanzo that Sora trees give grace and super powers specially in the area where kingfisher birds lays eggs.

Fuyuko is stubborn. Everytime her parents are gone for hunting fish to feed Fuyuko and themselves. She would fly to other nests and play with other kingfishers although parents prohibited to fly and jump to other nests, the young Fuyuko did it over and over again. Fuyuko was loved among others, she is joyful and playful. Fuyuko's adventures outside of her nest became a regular habit. Every time her parents left to hunt for fish, she would take the opportunity to explore the world. She would fly from one nest to another, playing and interacting with other kingfishers. Fuyuko's unique color made her became a beloved bird in the community. She is also smartest among the youngesters.

Chapter III: Taking over Sora Trees

Over the years, the bald eagles heard the rumors about the Sora trees. They had a plan to take over the trees from the kingfisher community specially the top area of the tree, the eagles began hovering over the trees, observing the daily routines and the nests of the kingfishers. Fuyuoki noticed the eagles behavior and suspected that something is wrong. She started following the eagles to discover the reason for their frequent visits to the Sora trees. After flying for miles, Fuyutoki reached a river. Standing on the riverbank, she watched the bald eagles from afar as they landed on tall dead trees with long branches where they nested. As she got closer, one of the bald eagles noticed Fuyutoki and her bizarre actions. With its large claws, the bald eagle grabbed Fuyutoki and flew her to their nest to question what brings her here. Fuyutoki was afraid that she might be eaten by the big birds of prey, but she had an idea worth trying.

The bald eagles were very angry.

They asked loudly, "Who are you? What brings you here?"

Fuyutoki was nervous and afraid.

She said, "I'm Fuyutoki. I lost my family, and you looked the same as me, so I thought you were my family."

A bald eagle said, "You don't look like us!"

Fuyutoki replied, "Your head is white, mine is too. Your body is black, mine is too."

The bald eagles were surprised. After consulting with each other they said:

"We offer you our place until you find your family."

Fuyutoki knew that she had to stay the night at the bald eagles' place otherwise she could become their easy prey.

Before Fuyutoki went to sleep, she sneaked and listened to the eagles conversation in the dark of night, she heard their plan to take over the Sora trees. she knew that her kingfishers fellows in danger as they had no other place to lay their eggs. Fuyutoki is worried and couldn’t sleep at all. What will happen to her parents and the entire kingfisher community ?