“Not anymore!” Bella screamed back to life.

2 months earlier.

Students were trooping in batches to their dormitories when Ron sighted Bella. Ron is a final year student of the department of psychology, Beckingham University, California and Bella is a freshman of the same university and department. Ron stood afar off having a light conversation with his friends, Daniel and Micheal when he saw the beautiful damsel wearing a tired face and walking sluggishly to her dorm. He decided to become acquainted with her because who would resist the angelic face Bella wore? After summoning courage, he went to meet with Bella who unconsciously bumped into him, they both apologized at the same time and she lifted her eyes to meet his. Without paying much attention to Ron, she decided to get to her dorm as fast as possible to avoid bumping into anyone else, that was how Ron went after her, stretched his hand out for a handshake as he introduced himself “Hi, my name is Ronald but my friends call me Ron, what’s your name please?” ignoring Ron’s outstretched hand, Bella responded flatly “I’m Bella,” and was about to move on when Ron decided to walk her to her dorm.

Ron engaged Bella in a conversation and the latter found herself matching up to his energy as they both chatted. It was when Bella got to her dorm that she realized how far she’s walked with Ron and how she didn’t want the conversation to end, however, she was too tired to continue the conversation and tried to send him off after thanking him for walking her to her dorm. Ron wasn’t going to let this golden opportunity to get her number slide by so he said “you look exhausted, how about we continue this conversation tomorrow.” Bella felt the butterflies in her belly as she said “sure! We can continue the conversation tomorrow.” She was about to go into her dorm when Ron said, “there’s no way I’ll meet you tomorrow if I don’t have your contact,” Bella got the cue and gave him her phone number.

Ron left her and giggled happily back to where he left his friends, they hailed him the usual way when they saw him and he blushed slightly as he bragged to them saying “I got her digits, she’s sweet man.” Bella on the other hand couldn’t get the butterflies out of her stomach, all of the fatigue she felt earlier was gone as she laid in her bed thinking about Ron and his deep baritone voice, his physical features, the broad chest, well chiseled face, the melodious sound of his laughter. All of these thoughts only made the butterflies in her stomach more, she slept off thinking about how her meeting with Ron will go the next day.

The next day

Bella woke up to a beautifully written text from Ron telling her about how beautiful she is and how he wishes her day to be as bright as her smile, she giggled softly and went about her morning routine happily. She got ready for class and left her hostel after responding to Ron’s text also complimenting his physical features, the conversation ended with them coming to an agreement to meet after their classes that day at their departmental relaxation center.

One meeting led to another and they continued their platonic friendship enjoying each other’s company at their usual spot.

Ron called his friends after a month of seeing Bella and told them about his plans to take the friendship to the next level. He told them about his plans to ask Bella out and they supported his decision. Ron sent a text to Bella asking her to meet his friends at their usual spot and they’ll bring her to his dorm because he was a bit under the weather. This was to make ample time for him to plan how to ask her out and make the whole process a memorable one for her.

Upon reading the text that Ron was under the weather, Bella got worried and couldn’t wait for her classes to end. She barely paid attention in any of her classes as all she had in her head were thoughts of Ron and how he was faring, the latter on the other hand was happily planning how to make hie beautiful friend his in the most romantic way possible. As soon as the last lecturer left the class, Bella hurried down the stairs to the relaxation center to meet with Ron’s friends, she was already a nervous wreck when she met Dan and Mich and they calmed her down telling her Ron was better and he was just resting. Bella told them to take her to her friend as soon as possible and they led the way to the restaurant Ron had prepared for his first date with Bella.

Bella became worried when she saw that Daniel wasn’t taking her to Ron’s apartment but to a restaurant, she was trying to put pieces of information together but they weren’t adding up in her head and she just decided that they probably want to get food for Ron since he wasn’t feeling well and needed to rest at home. All these thoughts were what she had in her head when she heard the deep baritone voice that brings butterflies to her belly calling her name, she looked up and saw him with a bouquet of flower. All the worries left her at that moment and she ran to envelope him in a big hug. She was about to take her seat when the saw the cake with an inscription “will you be my girlfriend?” within her was a whirlwind of emotion and a clueless expression on her face, she stood shocked and amazed looking at Ron and taking occasional glances at Daniel and Micheal. After staring for a couple of minutes, she nodded her head agreeing to be Ron’s girlfriend and they went from being just friends to being a couple.

Meanwhile, Ron had a stalker, Jennie. Jennie gets information from her minions about everything that happens with Ron as she had them stationed to monitor Ron’s movement. The proposal news got to Jennie and she determined to ruin their relationship by beating up Bella. She set plans in motion to ruin Bella’s beauty and she waited for Ron to be out of town before executing this plan.

The D-day came and she went to visit Bella at the latter’s dorm with a couple of her friends, they threatened and beat Bella till she passed out and was rushed to the hospital. Ron rushed back to the university as soon as he heard the news about his girlfriend. He ran to the hospital and found Bella looking lifeless on the hospital, he cried and stayed by her side saying soothing words to her.

Two weeks passed and Bella was still in coma, Jennie and her crew had been arrested by then. On the first day of the third week, Ron was beside his girlfriend when she suddenly screamed “Not anymore!” as she jolted back to reality. She was held down by Ron who comforted her and called the doctors to attend to her.

After giving her the necessary injections, they told Bella that she could talk but she shouldn’t strain her vocal cords and all she could tell Ron was that she wanted them to remain just friends to prevent another episode from happening.