PROMPT 1- A Lovely Memory

I knew he’d find me eventually; I just didn’t know it would be like this. With messy hair, smudged mascara, and fly aways galore. I look down at him from my place on some random persons porch, that I thought would be a fun location to contemplate my existence since the house seemed empty anyway. “Can I join you?” he asks but without waiting for a response he is already climbing the steps to sit beside me. We both lie back and take a moment to just look at the starless night. “I’m just so tired of it all” I say quietly not really to him but just because I couldn’t help releasing my exasperation, I guess. He reaches over to squeeze my hand in a way that feels like him reassuring me, in a way that tells me that he knows. I believe it, I truly believe he knows, he understands my words in a way that doesn’t even need explanation. I feel comforted and I feel understood, and this makes me squeeze his hand back in appreciation. We stay silent basking in each other’s comfort. There’s something about the night-time, something that evokes a sentimental and more contemplative vibe, whatever it is, we bask in it together.

The cold air picks up and swirls around it, picking up a somewhat egg-y scent that makes me burst out with laughter. “Did you seriously just let out a silent but deadly? Like bro be for real, did you shit yourself?” I laugh incredulously. “ITS JUST A FART, I DIDN’T KNOW IT WOULD BE THAT BAD” he shouts embarrassed before then saying, “Didn’t Shrek say better out then in anyway sir, you should have acted like you couldn’t smell it”. I laugh in response because really and truly, truly and really, who am I to question Shrek. It really is shit like this (pun intended) so serious one second and then stupid the next, that make me feel present and like life really does have its moments. Albeit the moment does require me to not breath, but I guess it’s still worth it.

“Where the fuck are we anyway Bee?” he finally asks as he takes a proper assessment of our surroundings, noting the fact we know no one who lives in the part of the city. “No clue, I just got tired after walking for ages and needed to sit down before I died. This porch looked comfier than just straight floor” I respond in a matter-of-fact tone. “No wonder I found you, cause this was the point where I also got tired of walking and like magic there was your fat ass chilling near the ground I was going to collapse on” he chuckles.

In between our laughter the lights behind the front door turned on. We both turn back to look, hear voices inside the house, then glance back at each other. Simultaneously, we both leapt up, grabbing our things, and snickering the entire time as we race down these people’s steps and back onto the street. The wind pushed against me as I ran, sending my curls out of my face in every direction. The grin on my face made my cheeks hurt and the gravel under my feet crunched in a way that confirmed that this would all be a core memory I would look back on.

PROMPT 2 – “Will you just hold me… please” -

“Will you just hold me… please” requests the boyish figure standing in the centre of the room.

“Well, I always feel a little bit lonely after I kill some one ya’ know”

he says with a pout and a shrug that would have felt a lot more casual if not for the blood dripping from his raised hands. I release a shaky breath and glance around the room noting the clear signs of a struggle and the owner of all the blood unmoving on the ground.

“I know what it looks like, but I wasn’t expecting company” he gestures to the mess before raising a scarlet hand to his neck sheepishly, “I would have cleaned up better if I had known”.

I had been slowly inching towards the same door I had abruptly entered not just two minutes ago; having expected to re-enact my usual morning bit that consists of me shouting at my brother to wake up only to get ignored. Instead, I opened the door to find a stranger standing over his crumpled form.

“Are you okay? You haven’t said anything in a while and I’m getting scared” the stranger says looking genuinely worried.

Again, I cannot help but stop moving and ask in utter disbelief “are you being serious?”

“Deadly” he says before breaking into raucous laughter utterly amused by his own joke. “Sorry, sorry I couldn’t help myself” he apologises as he takes a step over my brother and towards me. I stumble in fear and leap into the hallway briefly debating reaching towards the lockable bathroom or attempting an escape down the stairs and out of the front door.

I stumble down the hallway almost throwing myself down the stairs in a rush but before I can land face first onto the steps a hand reaches out and grabs me back. The momentum seems to have thrown us both onto the ground, where I have ungracefully landed on top of the murderer facing him, eye to eye. 

“Are we having a moment? Cause I think we should just kiss” he punctuates with a small squeeze of my hips. I can’t help but scream in his face as panic sets in, I clumsily struggle to get up slipping on the stranger’s wet shirt.

“That was rude” he says without letting go of his hold on her and instead drags them both up to a stand. He looks down at her clearly disappointed, most likely coning to the conclusion that this was not going be the fun romantic moment he wanted.