During the past weeks, we've witnessed an outpouring of creativity and collaboration as the first Friends Who Write submission window closed. It's a moment of pride and excitement as we shine the spotlight on the teams that have successfully completed their first challenge, showcasing not just their dedication but also the diverse tapestry of their storytelling.

Teams That Crossed the Finish Line

Our heartfelt congratulations go out to each team that met the first submission deadline. The completed submissions reflect a wide array of styles, themes, and voices, illustrating the rich diversity within our writing community. From introspective essays to imaginative fiction, each piece stands as a testament to the team's commitment and creative synergy. Check out their work below:

At the Bank, Part One
The Eternity Snail

My mother's admirer
The Infinite world
A big heart
The gecko in my throat
What is it about Nature?
T2 and friendship
A Most Antiquated Man

Bear With Us
All You Need Is Love
The banker's lamp, 'butter two' and a newly bipolar boater

chees mees
soul food
Letter 1

Web3 as a Roguelike

Living: An art or an act?
When you close your eyes
The Man Behind Mario

Duo du pavé
Parmi Eux- A collaborative series.

Debunking Neuroscience Myths
Mythbusting in Women’s Health and Why it Matters

Green Goddesses
Self-Awareness is the key to “Anger Management”
Till Death and Beyond

Hurricane Sisters
The Shepherd King Chapter 1
WARNING! Construction Ahead
Her Drug
The Dream

Las Moiras
The day I chose to live
A Love Like No Other
An unsent letter

le sbarbine
Story of my third hand furniture
Home is a long-standing lover

North London Mafia
How To Self-Publish a Novel (And Do It Right) - Part 1
Literary Gap: Heathcliff's years of absence

Team Hedgehog
“In the Future, Whoever Holds Alaska Holds The World” By Billy Mitchell.
Contemplating Internet-First Countries During a Time of Horrific War
The weight of lightness

The Frog Pond 🐸
habitual sleight of hand
The Final Boss of Gonza

The Bell Jars
The 19:14 Manifesto (or how to stop worrying and love the reader)
Remembering a Tank
The City Sighs

Water Appreciation Society
Journeying into the realm of Water
A water retreat to remember.

Web3 Writer's Union
I, WATCH. Author Notes Part 1
Author Notes: I, Watch - Days 2- 9
Auto-Generated Novels & Stories
Being Batman
From the Journal of a Murderer
On the Design of a Poetry.Store Territory : Turbocharging Administration
NO-vember Manifestno
Determined, or Not?

Write on time
Escape the castle Chapter one - The Island
The Grief Diary- Ch. 1 The email.

Teams That Achieved Partial Submissions

We also want to acknowledge the teams that have made partial submissions. Your journey in the contest is just as valuable, and every step forward is a part of your collective growth as writers and collaborators.

Bio Writers
Railroad Women in Mexico
Mistletoe and its Ecology in Urban Trees
Meet Team Bio Writers

Where Big Fish Lie
Grandma's Daffodils
People Disappear Here

Web3 Mental Models: Measuring Performance
Web3 Era: Transforming Storytelling and IP Creation


The Milliners
Toward a Content Commons: A Potential Solution to the Content Moderation Problem
AI and Web3: How AI Can Simplify and Personalize Your Web3 Experience

Penpal Posse
Ugliness of Life in the City: The Aesthetics of Urbanism

Silver City Writers
Death & the Devil

Women of Letters
The Frankfurt Witch
The Hues of Sickly Health
How I Handle My First Heartbreak

If you have any questions regarding the result, please don’t hesitate to contact me at [email protected].

As we move forward in the contest, we encourage all teams to continue supporting each other, pushing the boundaries of creativity, and exploring the vast expanse of storytelling possibilities. The journey of Friends Who Write is as much about the process as it is about the final product.

Stay tuned for more updates, and let's keep celebrating the power of words and the magic of collaborative writing!

Have fun and write on,

Head of Growth, t2.world