The Origin of Friendship

Fernanda and Pamela are two friends who met during their studies. We are from Mexico and since we first talked, we found a lot in common regarding topics of biology, culture, literature, traditions, and our passion for disseminating the knowledge that comes to us. We always share what makes us happy about our career and the world, among all these things in common is writing which throughout our friendship has been a refuge and a sincere place of encounter to let our imagination fly. Discovering t2 was a great opportunity to create new articles in which we not only participate together but also learn about new topics and have the chance for collaboration with other people around the world. On the other hand, this approach to Web3 was thanks to our third member ariutokintumi, who, with his experience in Web3 and blockchain, allowed us to enhance our skills and combine them with our passion for researching, writing, and disseminating.

Together, we have managed to be a dynamic team, where each one contributes editing tools, we laugh, correct, sit, and analyze for hours what topic will be next, how to make the text understandable until it is finally published, and we share the excitement of being writers and having others read our work.

Behind de Name

Yes, we know, it sounds like we broke our heads when creating the team name...

"Bio" is the diminutive of Biology because although there is a scholar in the topics of computer science, the three of us are impressed by the constant evolution of living beings as well as their interaction with everything around them. And "Writers" is the work of putting together all the words necessary to make known data, research and results of scientific work, because after all the experimentation and observation, writing is how knowledge is distributed to all parts of the world.

The Writing Roadmap

Although we mainly agreed to write about biology and Web3, by reading what others write we have felt inspired and with the intention of creating informative stories, poetry and any text that ignites the creativity of our brain, really the challenge of writing has filled us with vitality and happiness, because by sharing it and being read we feel satisfied, this versatility unites us more as a team, because we are open to create texts that we never imagined to do.