To live is to wake up, have hopes, dreams and chase after them.

Surely, doing everything the same way may come off as monotonous and uninspiring. What then pushes us to go forward, to surge through the strong waves that life throws at us?

We must find ways to do the things that keep our heart racing in the most alluring way possible.

It is very possible to crave a total grip on the navigation our lives take but in reality we can’t be in absolute control of it. At best we can ensure to live out our realities to the fullest. Oftentimes, a lot of us live like it’s an act, forgetting the beauty and uniqueness of each talent, specialties and strong will imbued in every human.

Life is an art.It is romance, it is sweet scent whiffing out a scented candle lit at night to brighten your room. It’s sitting by the fire reading your favorite book, drinking wine while playing soft music in the background. It is staying locked in the wind, letting it blow you and enjoying every bit of the ride.

Life isn’t meant to be a chore. It shouldn’t be something we do grudgingly, life is too beautiful to look past the intricate exquisiteness of it. We should bask in the delight, not ignore it.

Acting out life can be exhausting so we pull a Picasso and induce art in everything we do. Art isn’t just reserved for galleries or the museum, It’s in each of us, the way we live is art in itself.

Perhaps a perspective change would aid us in seeing things in a better light than just leaning towards the exhausting part.
Romance isn’t only about two people expressing love. It’s in our lifestyle and choices, romanticizing every passing day. Changing your view on the ordinary days and making them extraordinary.

There is nothing ordinary about getting up every day to chase purpose. The potentials you wield, to create and discern is beyond ordinary. Even the ability to read this piece is extraordinary.

Dear reader, don’t you for one day think that you’re ordinary and you should have to just “get on” with life without enthusiasm.

Do you live with enthusiasm or disinterest? Enthusiasm is a necessary spice that gets you all gassed up to smash those goals. Celebrate yourself, the small wins, the big wins, it all matters. The lives we all lead could easily be painted in a picture or made into a movie. Art stems from imitating lifestyles and if artists and creatives get inspired by it how much more you? You wield the ability to live. The potentials we carry are so powerful and amazing that it breeds wonders.

By living out artistically we find our purpose. We discover the things that keeps us on our toes with glee. Trying to live like an act could mean risking trying to be someone else and that could lead to a void that stems from feeling incomplete.

Each piece of art is unique like every human. Being human is a superpower, the ability to feel and process. Even as writers bringing out the deep parts of our subconscious to fruition through words is a superpower. So, everyday you wakeup don’t forget to give yourself flowers for daring to try. Such grace you must exude to even dare to dream. That itself requires celebration.

Like they say “life is not a bed of roses” but It could be dandelions or lilies right? There is no way we won’t be faced with a bit of challenges here and there but beauty lies in the way we approach our problems.
Problem solving is one heck of a splendid art. The decisions we make when life throws us some lemons is artistic. They say when life gives you lemons make lemonade. I say, lemon is quite versatile. You can either make lemons, squeeze it over some chicken for flavor or even make cleaning vinegar. My point is life could give you a challenge but how you decide to solve the problem is completely up to you just like a lemon. Thinking there won’t be some bumps is delusional but the beauty lies in the processes we take to get through the bumps. That is art. How we choose to live is art

Art is beautiful and in its purest forms within the confines of our lives. As writers, we must agree that at one point or the other we must have garnered inspiration from the lives around us. The way someone walks and utters their speech must have sparked some interest in us. I personally have my interest piqued whenever I meet an element different from my usual daily interactions no matter how minute. To me that is art, the way a person sneezes or drinks their tea fascinates me and could even inspire me to write

It’s easy to fall in love with a beautiful piece of art but how about a perspective change and you start seeing yourself like the art work. Beautiful, isn’t it? To view yourself like art and fall madly in love with yourself. To stare at your reflection with a huge smile plastered on your face. You’re the main character, own the scene, own your world and rock it. When you love yourself you pamper yourself in numerous ways, basking in self care and switching up your routines. It’s a truly nourishing and exciting feeling.

Learn to appreciate the intricacies and complexities life comes with. Think of it as colors. Surely, if your life came in strictly black and white it could get boring. Appreciate the splash of colors your life comes with, the different scenarios you face, explore them. They bring meaning to your life. Meditate, journal your feelings, do whatever keeps you at peace. The more color you allow to seep into your life, the more color you spread to those around you. Tell me what could possibly be better than a colorful and gleeful life?

You carry so much power inside of you that you shouldn’t be scared to invent your own art of living the way that suits you best. Do the things that keep you up at night, go ahead and chase those dreams. Satisfy your curiosity and get the adrenaline rush. That is art.
Like day gives way for night to come so also must you give in to the different seasons of your life. Embracing each of it like a delicate piece of art. Reflect and ask yourself “have you been living like it's all an act or you’ve been basking in this art called life?”