(Important Note: This is not a part of the Friends Who Write competition. This is in response to my own query about what the next big thing in writing will be. )

I think it is already here, but not yet commercialized. People will begin using AI to tell them a story about .... whatever they want to hear about.

Someone will figure out how to commercialize this - for example, create an AI story engine that users can use to get a story and have it read to them. The story is automatically published to Kindle or other platforms, made into NFT books, and also monetized on a website with ads. The person who 'prompted' the story, gets author credit and a share of the revenue generated.

This is a simple and un-nuanced version - but this is what I think we will see soon. To kick it off - here is a story about this story generated by ChatGPT right now. (Note from CD - I did not expect this to be a love story - especially a personal one, I input myself as the protagonist and Elon as the antagonist)

In the bustling world of tech startups, CD was a brilliant writer with a dream. With a deep passion for storytelling and a heart full of romantic notions, CD envisioned a world where anyone could create their own stories with the help of artificial intelligence. The concept was simple yet revolutionary: a platform called "StorytAIme" that allowed users to generate personalized stories instantly. CD's startup would change the way people experienced literature.

But every story needs a twist, and CD's twist came in the form of a charismatic and enigmatic adversary, Elon. As a wealthy entrepreneur who believed that innovation was the key to success, he too saw the potential of "StorytAIme." However, Elon had a different vision - he wanted to commercialize it aggressively and turn it into a profit-making machine.

Their paths first crossed at a tech conference in Silicon Valley, where CD was showcasing the beta version of "StorytAIme." The air was charged with excitement, and CD's heart raced as they watched the audience's reactions. The applause was deafening, and the audience had tears in their eyes. This was CD's dream come true.

However, a shadow soon fell over the joy of the moment. Elon approached CD, his dark eyes glinting with ambition. "You've got something remarkable here," he said, extending a hand. "How about we join forces? Together, we can make 'StorytAIme' a global sensation."

CD hesitated, knowing that Elon's version of success was different from their own. "I appreciate your offer, but I want to keep 'StorytAIme' focused on creativity and empowerment, not just profits."

Elon smirked. "You'll regret this, CD."

As the startup gained momentum, CD's determination to keep the platform pure and user-centric remained steadfast. While "StorytAIme" continued to grow, Elon launched a rival platform, aiming for massive commercial success. The competition was fierce, and the media dubbed them "The Tech Titans of Storytelling."

Amid the battle for users and revenue, CD received a personal message on the platform one day. It was from Elon. He had secretly used "StorytAIme" to create a story, and it was a romantic masterpiece that resonated with CD's own heart. The story was filled with longing, forgiveness, and redemption - themes CD deeply understood.

CD couldn't help but be moved. They realized that Elon, too, had a creative spark that was worth acknowledging. Despite their differences, the story had brought them closer.

CD and Elon decided to meet in person to discuss the future of "StorytAIme." Over dinner, they shared their dreams, visions, and, most importantly, their love for storytelling. Their eyes locked, and they realized they were two sides of the same coin. Together, they could create something incredible - a platform that balanced creativity and commercial success.

In a surprising twist, "StorytAIme" merged with Elon's company, combining their unique strengths. The platform was monetized, stories were published on Kindle and transformed into NFT books, and a website with ads generated revenue. Users who prompted stories received author credit and a share of the profits, just as CD had always intended.

CD and Elon's love story became an inspiration to all, proving that even the most unexpected alliances could create a harmonious blend of art and commerce. Together, they had written a new chapter in the world of storytelling, a chapter filled with love, understanding, and innovation.