Note to the Reader: The following snippets are entries from the journal of the murderer in my work in progress: my latest mystery suspense novel set to be released soon. There are a few things I would like you to be aware of as the reader. One: these snippets are raw and perhaps hard to read. They may contain scenes that evoke terrifying emotions. Please take care as you proceed. Two: If you would like to collect the free themed artwork you see here, you may throughout the month of November at Thank you!

Artwork created by the Author on Midjourney - 2023

I Told Her to Run!

I told her to run. WHY didn’t she listen. I pulled her close like a child, like a loved one. I pressed my face against her ear and whispered. Run. Run. I said it louder and louder, until I was screaming it. RUN! Why didn’t she listen. I tried to protect her. I really really did.

Damn you! Damn you! You are retched. You are hateful. You are evil. You are wicked. I don’t want to listen to you. I don’t want to do what you say. But you make me. You make me. In my dreams you make me. In my waking minutes you make me.

I tried to care for her. I tried to keep her safe. Damn her! Why didn’t she listen?

SHE made me do it. She made me find you. She made me follow you. She made me lie to you. She made me be your friend. She MADE ME DO IT!!! Can’t you see? Can’t you see my tears? Can’t you see my breaking heart. I didn’t mean it.

Oh! how she cried. She was so scared. Her big dark eyes, wide with terror. Her long black hair, soaked in her own blood. Her sweet perfume, fading in the breeze.

I made a very nice place for her though. I found a warm spot out of the wind. The tall walls and all the quiet would make a nice resting place. I covered her with a blanket I found. It had stripes that seemed cheerful. It smelled of horses and leather. I worked quickly not wanting to lose the light of day.

I tucked in her beneath the straw, beneath the hay. I looked out the window, feeling peace that she would be safe. No one would come. No one would find her. She would be warm in here out of the wind. And if it started to snow or rain, she would not get wet. She would be safe now.

I was so tired. I wanted to lay beside her, pull the blanket over me too, and just sleep like she was.

But I knew I couldn’t. I knew I had to go.

Artwork created by the Author on Midjourney - 2023

Today Was a Good Day.

Today was a good day. Or at least it started out that way. I got up and made a wonderful breakfast. I sat down to eat the warm meal of scrambled eggs, chocolate milk, and toast made from my newly baked bread from yesterday.

I was so excited to start my day. I had all these amazing plans. I was going to go to the park, walk over the bridge, have a picnic, and play frisbee. I saw it the other day on my evening stroll, the bridge that is, and I haven’t been able to get it out of my head. The water gleamed in the sunlight. The image of the rock arch in the water rippled as a mama duck and her babies swam toward me. It thought I would get mad that they messed up the picture. But I wasn’t. They swam away, and the picture in the water came back.

The whole scene of it seemed so peaceful and happy. The sturdy bridge leading from one side of the pond to the other. On one side there was a place for people to have picnics and play frisbee, on the other side there was a little walking path that led into a dark wooded area.

I watched for hours. No one seemed to go into the woods. I wondered why. They just walked to the top of the bridge, took pictures, laughed, and wandered back to their picnic food and fun games.

I loved the bridge already and couldn’t wait to go.

That was until she showed up and told me what to do. I hate her. She’s always so bossy and mean. She makes me do all these dishonest things. I don’t like meeting new people and tricking them. She makes me trick them. Actually, I do like meeting new people. That part is okay. It’s the tricking I don’t like. And I don’t like her.

But, I really wanted to see the bridge. I waited until almost sunset so I could take good pictures like the photography magazines say. I waited until everyone was going home for their dinner. I waited until the park didn’t have any people milling around or playing with their frisbees. Then I took the new girl there. She was so trusting and kind. I am good at tricking.

That’s where I left her. Under the bridge. In the dark woods. She didn’t scream at all. Then I hurried on with my day. I walked over the bridge, took my picture. I smiled really nice and then went to set up my picnic and get out my frisbee. And now, I am just sitting here, waiting. Maybe someone will play with me.

Artwork created by the Author on Midjourney - 2023

I Love to Cook.

I love to cook. Everyone knows that. I’m good at it too. I can make really complicated things, like Baked Alaska. I generally set aside a whole day to make that. I like to hold dinner parties and have that as a dessert. It is so fun to have everyone come into the kitchen as I top the cake and ice cream with the beautiful meringue. I use brown sugar in the meringue, so it comes out of the oven with a warm caramel brown color. It really is remarkable. I love hearing everyone exclaim with delight as they realize that the frozen ice cream didn’t melt.

Even now, I am sitting with my recipe books, flipping through the pages, trying to find the next big meal I want make. It has been months since I’ve had anyone over for dinner. I am not ready for people yet though. I am not ready for visitors. I don’t even want her to come. But here she is I bet. I am sure it is her banging on my door.

Give me a minute. I’ll be back…

So today took a turn. I was all ready to start on my menu for my next big party when she shows up and tells me I have this other job to do. She ruins everything. ALL THE TIME! I thought my next party could be a madrigal dinner. You know a great meal with lots of different courses and music. I have many many friends who can play amazing songs. And wouldn’t it be fun to hire waiters to serve the meal I make? We could open up the ballroom and actually set out tables in little pods, but leave great paths for the guests to dance as the night goes on. I can already see it! It's going to be so fun.

But, I guess I should tell you about the job I had to do. I took care of it so fast. My quickest one yet. SHE actually brought the girl here. To my house. So distasteful if you ask me. SHE didn’t stay and the new girl was fascinated by all my cookbooks. I invited her to have a quick breakfast with me before she left and to look at the books while she waited.

She said yes, so I zipped to the kitchen and whipped up some porridge. I’d been dying to make some with buckwheat like I saw in my new Russian cookbook. I stirred in a few drops of poison (I’m not going to tell you which kind. I don’t want to giveaway all my secrets) and made certain to give the girl that bowl. We chatted nicely as we waited for the porridge to cool enough to eat. After she finished her breakfast, and I after I let her exclaim over how good it was, I sent her on her way.

I just saw on the news that they found her body. Such a tidy task. Now I can get back to planning my madrigal dinner.

Artwork created by the Author on Midjourney - 2023