$pointless is the first lens native meme token. $pointless was created as a joke when @lens posted about starting a points program which received a lot of push back and a lot of discussion. $pointless has utility in the lens ecosystem through paid collects, tipping, super follows, lucky drops and more.

Pointless hero #1: @sydney_bro

It's me. I started all this. I created the token, executed the airdrop to 125K+ users and even provided the initial liquidity and got rekt doing that.

Read the full story here

Pointless hero #2: @jessyjeanne

Jessy is a lens native influencer and content creator. She is a super star and a very kind person. She is super well connected across the lens ecosystem. She instantly jumped on when I posted about $pointless for the first time. I had less than 100 followers when I launched $pointless and this post could have gone unnoticed without Jessy's interaction. She created the twitter handle and the TG channel and pulled other interested people. She connected me with every lens team on TG which helped with the adoption of $pointless across the lens ecosystem. $pointless wouldn't have come this far without her support. She is still actively promoting $pointless.

Pointless hero #3: @punkess a.k.a AlicΞ

Alice is a techie who lives a L2+ life. She is very active on lens and is full of very creative ideas. I just dropped $pointless token and wasn't thinking about any utility for it. She suggested to use $pointless for paid collects and tipping on lens which has been a game changer for it. She has been actively promoting $pointless as well. She lovingly call it "have fun staying poor" coin because of the wide distribution.

Pointless hero #4: @dydymoon

Dydymoon is a DeFi wizard, also very active in the lens and DeFi communities.

He created several pointless LPs, improved the security by setting up a multisig for the treasury, reviewed the distribution & CSVs to clarify it on the website, helped setting up the discord and suggested some ideas.

I did the initial airdrop from my wallet and we didn't have a clear separation on my allocation v/s what should be in the treasury. He tracked every single pointless token, he even once asked me to return 2.23 $pointless tokens to treasury in order to have a correct number on the distribution sheet.

He’s probably as bullish as me on pointless, despite that he would have preferred if I airdropped less tokens at the start to keep more for future uses.

Pointless hero #5: @mesutgulecen

Mesut is the Co-Founder of Kaira, a lens frontend. $pointless was whitelisted on the lens protocol level but the challenge was that each front-end maintained its own whitelist for collects. Kaira is most aligned with the lens protocol as it doesn't maintain a separate whitelist. That enabled $pointless instantly as a currency for paid collects once it was whitelisted at the protocol level. Kaira also supported $pointless by running campaigns for new and existing users. It helped $pointless get the attention it needed and pushed other front ends to whitelist it too.

Pointless hero #6: @sidetalker

sidetalker got involved with $pointless on the first day it was launched. He launched a staking website for $pointless within hours of its launch. He minted 5 out of 23 $pointless partyDAO memberships. He helped setup guild and discord for $pointless as well and has been actively involved in the further development of $pointless. He helped with the pointless website development work as well.

Pointless hero #7: @dazz_design

Dazz is a visual designer and a front end dev. We hired him to design the $pointless logo and website and he accepted to be paid in $pointless which was a bitcoin pizza moment for $pointless.

Pointless hero #8: @papajams

@papajams got rewarded with 10B pointless for being early, active and onchain on lens (I stole his words :P). He has been actively promoting $pointless. He started a 20 day pointless experiment by rewarding liquidity providers and active members of the community with some of his pointless allocation. He has been writing about his pointless experiment regularly and creating awareness about pointless on lens and X.

Read all of his very insightful articles here: Day One, Day Two, Day Three, Day Four, Day Five, Day Six, Day Seven, Day Eight, Day Nine

There's more to come from him, so please follow him on lens and X

Other pointless heroes

I can go on and on and on about each community member's contributions which furthered the $pointless cause and this article will get very long. Still, I must mention a few more names here...

The multisig treasury & snapshot space for voting were created but we didn't make an official announcement about that because we were waiting for the website development work to finish and launch everything together. To avoid spending the remaining treasury before we launch the website, we asked some of the top airdrop recipients(10B pointless each) if they were willing to return some of the tokens to pay for the early bounties.

@nelsonrodmar returned 3B pointless without any hesitation but I returned 1.5B to him as we didn't need that much. When we asked the $pointless billionaires to burn 50M $pointless each, Nelson burned 2B instead. He is a true legend.

@0xzelda returned 1B pointless too.

@alexhirsu suggested to create partyDAO for $pointless which helped us raise 0.0575 ETH for initial liquidity

@potential has been actively promoting $pointless and working with @iamtheyakuza(Yakuza) and I on a $pointless LIP to create a fun way to use $pointless for tipping for likes in your lens circle. Yakuza write the TrustMeBro newsletter and he wrote a very nice piece about $pointless in the newsletter.

The list is long...

Pointless will not only be remembered as the OG Lens memecoin, but also as a true community driven project where the airdrop recipients returned funds to help grow the project. Needless to mention that $pointless brought life back into paid collects and tipping helping in the growth of lens protocol itself.

That's all steady lads... have fun staying poor or have fun getting rich... we will see