At least 300M $pointless in 20 days to those who are early, active & on-chain with Lens.

Super pointless...till it isn't.


  • 50m $pointless to liquidity providers ($10 or more)
    • 50m $pointless to collectors of daily art nft’s on lens
      • 50m $pointless to followers of papajams, Sydney & dydymoon
        • 50m $pointless to good vibes art, writing, dev etc posts
          • 50m $pointless to art/music/writing collectors of papajams'
            • 50m $pointless for product/app reviews in the lens ecosystem

              Foundation Layer

              After Sydney & dydymoon have taken the lead so assiduously in providing LP across the lens memeverse, I decided to follow suit and picked up some $CHAOS & $BONSAI to add to their respective liquidity pools.

              The Boss

              Yes stani! There are currently only two ways to get $CHAOS currently. One is via the pointless / $CHAOS pool. The other is by creating chaotic art as a $chaos post via @lens/kaira: starting with “I embrace the $CHAOS” and add a chaotic gif.

              Here is the CA: 0xaA05F05d77b10d0b12BfA2407b3180f1a1298965

              Papa $ELECTRIC

              I then went on the hunt for $ELECTRIC.

              Atm you can only post with $ELECTRIC as your collectible currency through Kaira. Another way to get it is by collecting an NFT which comes with a one time 10k $ELECTRIC airdrop + 500 $ELECTRIC weekly. Follow @lens/electricfilm on Lens to get 200 $ELECTRIC weekly, and you can join the discord for a one-time 500 $ELECTRIC boost.

              To check your wallet and see if you have any, here is the CA: 0x22D4DFE6dA0D661F48BD7c8a9224fF1c866Fe0E2

              The other way is the pointless / ELECTRIC on uniswap.

              Super cool for pointless to offer help in supporting added convenience & liquidity between the meme's here. You have love how early it still is. Going to investigate $FISH and $FRIES next time for liquidity possibilities.


              Super stoked to have Mycaleum running the show on the pointless charts. You can keep an eye on how much we have dispersed each day, and to whom! A quick look at the top ten shows the biggest gains for providing LP, which we will continue to focus on till we can crack it as collectively stabilising the liquidity pools makes it so much easier to trade in and out of the lens memeverse at will.

              Check the Charts -- Top 10


              All types of creator & builder are experimenting on this incredible platform. Engaging, connecting, exploring the frontier of what's possible in a decentralised social ecosystem.

              Making it a point to immerse myself in each and every idea, or artistic endeavour, I come across that resonates in some meaningful way. From writers, to musicians, to graphic digital artists, film-makers and podcasters: there's so much opportunity to disrupt existing schools of thought and ways of doing things.

              Highlighting some of my favourite posts across the lensverse over the last couple days. They'll be getting 1M $pointless for being awesome.


              Papajams.lens Followers

              Pleased to have the opportunity to follow and highlight these shining lights making lens a more dope place to be. Each receive 2M $pointless.

              @yoshimare is "strongly committed to the restoration of the value of music and arts in general through conscious creation and technological innovation."

              @iamtherealyakuza who I believe runs the TrustMeBro podcast as well as sharing posts about life (cool restaurants, experiences, and family) as well as lens!

              Liquidity Provision

              There were two mystery people without lens profiles or ENS attached to their names who provided liquidity to the pointless / chaos pool. Their nicknames, affectionately are as follows:

              Each get 1M $pointless each. Moreover we are going to take things up a notch with our rollover and take the savings from today to PUMP tomorrow. Putting a 10M $pointless bounty up for grabs for providing liquidity of ANY AMOUNT across four pointless pools: with MATIC, ELECTRIC, CHAOS, and BONSAI.

              Will pick randomly from anyone that shares proof in the comments section (ideally a photo and a transaction hash).

              Meme Creators & Papajams Art Collectors

              Showering love on collectors of this song on ZORA called PARALYSED. These four are getting 1M $pointless each as a note of thanks.

              • Moshiri.eth
                • Duncs
                  • flash125.eth
                    • brownouts.eth

                      And from a meme perspective, there has been an incredible surge in memito's as a result of the pointless meme contest that is running with 1B $pointless on offer. Sheesh. Learn more about it here.



                      I am sleepy. Will sort out product review crew tomorrow.

                      Keeping a tweet thread of the experiment active here.


                      Appreciate likes, retweets etc to get the word out.

                      Keep it pointless!