300M in twenty days going to those who are early, active & on-chain with Lens.

  • 50m $pointless to liquidity providers ($10 or more)
    • 50m $pointless to collectors of daily art nft’s on lens
      • 50m $pointless to followers of papajams, Sydney & dydymoon
        • 50m $pointless to meme creators & commenters
          • 50m $pointless to art/music/writing collectors of papajams'

            After a riotously pointless first day we're back dishing out $pointless.

            For a recap on all the action yesterday here's the scoop:

            TLDR: we're airdropping Lens' first memecoin to those who contribute to the culture; raging against the idea that any of this is pointless if even one person's life is better for it.


            Firstly to liquidity providers in the Bonsai / Pointless pool 🤝 as well as providoors in the Matic / Pointless pool. There were two accounts eligible today who receive 750k $pointless each!

            • shassi.eth - 0xe2A9505F4444Ad78E25BB43398926987BA31C209 -
              • sidetalker.eth - 0x8eCa96806675Ed3882C844a8D2bB09005EeAd9bf -

                As a reminder the minimum to be eligible is $10 (e.g. $5 pointless + $5 Bonsai) for which you earn fees every time the tokens are traded! If prices get volatile then impermanent losses are possible (how to manage it).

                The process for adding liquidity (in this case) is

                1.Go to uniswap, connect your wallet, ensure you are connected to the polygon chain (top right), click on the bright "select token" button in the middle.

                2. In the pop up box paste in the $pointless contract address: 0x9B8cc6320F22325759B7D2CA5CD27347bB4eCD86 - you will then be able to either swap for some, or see how much you already have!

                3. Uniswap, ensure your wallet is connected, click on "Pool" on the top left, click on "Polygon" on the dropdown menu on the top right. You are now connected.


                "The rich get richer"

                Not on my watch, that would be too pointless.

                At the dawn of $pointless there was an imperfect launch, chaotic, and wondrous launch by sydney_bro.lens which you can read about here: $POINTLESS. A mix of awesome community, bots, and whales emerged as a result. I am going to try my hardest to ensure we have as much distribution into active community as possible. Sydney. and dydymoon have contributed funds to the experiment to help ensure it has as much impact as possible.

                As a result, out of the below collectors, the only eligible collector is....@eduardmsmr who receives 750k $pointless

                Exhibit A

                Followers of papajams.lens

                This is perhaps my favourite part where we get to hype some legends in the space. A note on process: I pick someone at random and look through their profile. Things that help massively are a) having an ENS attached b) having a bio c) having been active. They each take home a hearty 750k $pointless.

                Without further ado:


                🌱 building @crowdmuse | co-host @mindmeldpod | fellow @KERNEL0x | Artist | Photographer - an absolute superstar who is super active on twitter, and has been on hiatus with the lens faithful, she'll be an incredible asset when back in the fold.


                multi-instumentalist, producer + Web3 explorer // 📍Berlin via MCR


                omnipresent goddess of web3 music✨ •empowering musician w/hifi labs⚡-mashibeats🪩 -dreams never die🪦. ·french-american · empowering musicians in web3 - again someone who is super consistent, reliable, and a vibe.


                LizardLab community maxi 🦎 who is a lean mean driving machine!

                Product Feedback

                A new category, selected at random as with all other categories.

                To make lens the most incredible place to be onchain, and online, the hivemind is going to have to work overtime to collaborate on ironing out the chinks. Here's us doing our part to celebrate those who do.

                So thereby, all henceforth shall receive 750k totally $pointless tokens each!

                Papa - Love / Love Me Not

                Promises Made, Promises Kept

                OK finally, in two previous posts I committed to using anything received from these two lens collectibles to add to the liquidity pool.

       - 450 BONSAI received

       - 3 MATIC received

                Early beginnings, thanks so much!!

                That liquidity has been added here:

                And that's a wrap.

                Catch you tomorrow team.