300M $pointless in twenty days going to those who are early, active & on-chain with Lens.


  • 50m $pointless to liquidity providers ($10 or more)
    • 50m $pointless to collectors of daily art nft’s on lens
      • 50m $pointless to followers of papajams, Sydney & dydymoon
        • 50m $pointless to meme creators & commenters
          • 50m $pointless to art/music/writing collectors of papajams'
            • 50m $pointless for product/app reviews in the lens ecosystem


              Been thinking how $pointless things seem, till they aren’t.

              A dude flying a key in the sky on a rainy day. Totally pointless….till……$ELECTRICity

              A Hollywood actress tinkering with weird little inventions whist self teaching herself electrical engineer between takes on set - pointless.WTF till…..being inducted to the national inventors hall of fame for developing revolutionary radio guidance systems for torpedoes.

              A self-taught English carpenter “wasting” time on clocks - $CHAOSically pointless ….till….. the marine chronometer revolutionized navigation by solving the problem of calculating longitude while at sea.

              A landed woman in the 19th century aristocracy sullying her pedigree with forays into math and science. Astronomically pointless … till we got the first algorithm intended to be processed by a machine, earning her the title of the world's first computer programmer.

              A blind Afro American kid learning to play piano then deciding to venture out solo to make a name for himself in the Jim Crow era of racial segregation - $POINTLESS till … “hit the road Jack”

              A 60 year old with a love for $FRIES starting a fried chicken business. A travelling milkshake machine salesman (who also loved $FRIES) building a burger business.


              Day One was 3M $pointless airdropped.
              Day Two was 9M $pointless airdropped.
              Day Three was 14.25M $pointless airdropped.
              Day Four we hit 27.75M $pointless airdropped.
              Day Five no less than 28M $pointless airdropped.

              An all time high and we are only a quarter of the way through. At least 10X this on day amount will have been airdropped by the time all is said and done.

              Liquidity Provision

              We had ZERO traction for four days on liquidity provision so prizes kept dublin till reaching fever pitch at 12M $pointless total to provide a minimum of $10 on any $pointless pool e.g. pointless / chaos, pointless / bonsai etc

              Happy to report we have some winners: @mycaleam and @jeanayala

              A cool 6M $pointless to each of them, picked at random from the eligible pool providers. Tomorrow the available $pointless drops back to 1M $pointless per LP for a max of four people. Keep your LP in and you are eligible.

              Product Reviews/Feedback

              Three people, 1M $pointless each, lets go!

              1. @lens/grams
              2. @lens/mariariivari
              3. @lens/defidegen

              Papajams.lens Followers

              Sure fire way to signal you small what the rock is cooking. Shoutout to these rockstars. 750k $pointless each!

              1. @ardavan "You only live once, but if you do it right, once is enough."

              2. @sugarlicks lebanese kiwi | creative technologist | lawyer | arts, culture producer

              3. @vendorf a wonderful healer and artist with great vibes throughout their posts.

              4. @diamondfundi whose love of solana is unmatched!


              Several collectible posts eligible including those who collected from Sydney and Dydymoon profiles historically. 1M $pointless each!

              1. @xyori
              2. @dazz_design
              3. @elmengin

              Papa - Love is the point

              Papa Music/Art/Writing Collectors

              Today its focused on subscibers of my paragraph.xyz articles. 1M $pointless each.

              1. hellofady.eth
              2. 1a35e1.eth
              3. kaloh.eth
              4. uncledavo.eth

              Thank you!

              MEME creators/proliferators

              1M $pointless each to these meme bandits

              1. @lens/panwanyl
              2. @lens/superluminal
              3. @lens/nixx_geek.lens

              Keep up the good work!!

              Final Thoughts

              Tweet raid still active here.


              Will be keeping a thread of all the drops for the history books to marvel at.

              Mycaleam has answered to clarion call to run this spreadsheet daily. Yay! Expect it to go live soon. This will help with transparency plus igniiting a little competitions with a leaderboad!

              Slowly....then all at once. Pointless.....till it isn't.

              Papa - Meditation