At least 300M $pointless in 20 days to those who are early, active & on-chain with Lens. Outrageously pointless...till it isn't.


  • 50m $pointless to liquidity providers ($10 or more)
    • 50m $pointless to collectors of daily art nft’s on lens
      • 50m $pointless to followers of papajams, Sydney & dydymoon
        • 50m $pointless to good vibes art, writing, dev etc posts
          • 50m $pointless to art/music/writing collectors of papajams'
            • 50m $pointless for product/app reviews in the lens ecosystem


              There is a new memecoin called $SILLY that has been quickly added across lens apps. It is a lens token being used to reward participants in a hackathon happening at NFT NYC over the course of April Fools: being run by Bobby who is new on lens: give him a follow. Sending 2M $pointless for this awesome initiative fostering polygon/lens builders, hackers & sweet sweet devs.

              Also there is a super interesting new app called Solamon which is explained beautifully in this twitter thread. TLDR: an avatar that can be synced to Telegram as a set of stickers, allowing you to visibly show off your collectibles to other people. This is important as up until now your NFT's & PFP's have all been static images for the most part. The future maybe looks like customizable avatars that can be shared across platforms like telegram (currently consumed as stickers).

              initial avatar

              Once you deck yours out with designs then you can share invite codes, join a telegram chat with other collectors, Here is my invite code if you want to try it out: JBaQL - may be worth getting on there to get your username at least and checkout the website (its impressive), collectibles are on a bonding curve so the cheapest one is like 0.2E at the moment for these first artists/creators that have designed the initial collection. More artists will be onboarded in future with a wider variety of styles & price points.

              decked out avatars

              Sending 2M $pointless to seed club for the alpha as i couldn't find josh's profile but definitely subscribe to his newsletter.


              As is now tradition we celebrate the devs of lens for showing up and making a difference. 2M $pointless to each, may they remain pointless ... till they aren't.

              Most of these accounts are new to lens, lets give them a super warm welcome. For the next 48 hours after this post goes I will be sending 100k $pointless to everyone that befriends them all and lets me know in the comments for the post sharing this article.

              Josh is a solutions Engineer at Celestia Labs who also builds out their documentation, he is a member of Developer DAO, founder of Wellness DAO, and has a strong presence online including (amazingly productive wow), and a paragraph blog called "schmell's kitchen" (excited for the first piece haha), plus on his mirror blog guide to running celestia nodes. p.s. ninja github alert.

              4966 commits in the last year, holy mother of joseph!

              @LeahCulver has a wonderful website where we learn she is a prolific founder of Breaker, Pownce, Convore and Grove. Having worked at Twitter on Twitter Spaces and Dropbox. Having also an author of both the OAuth and oEmbed API specifications. Beta tester, software engineer (Swift, Obj-C, and Python dev), plus angel investor to boot - awesome to have you with us.


              Sabina is someone I couldn't find any info for sadly, please introduce yourself!


              @danieljames is a UX Engineer @Uniswap Labs who also worked at Helium, Microsoft etc. He's got a dope Github including working on a bunch of side projects like which looks like its for checking into restaurants, for tracking ATH's for different crypto coins, a helium toolkit for power users, etc all beautifully designed.

              996 commits in the last year, elite

              Liquidity Provision

              When we started the experiment there was about $10k in liquidity across the $pointless pools, today that stands at around $30k. I have just added about $100 to pointless pools with $CHAOS, $ELECTRIC, $MATIC, $BONSAI and $SILLY - every little helps in offerring fluid access across lens creator and ecosystem tokens. Sending 2M $pointless to those below who have done the same below.

              • anatu.eth
                • sidetalker.eth
                  • 0xcc916d4B84E2b796036B69CA93940067ba828460
                    Full Range - Papa Positions

                    Papajams.lens followers & art collectors

                    Sending 1M $pointless to these wondrous souls who have collected my writing, music, poetry, as well as my digital art across platforms and chains.

                    • Refraction is a community of music, art, and culture enthusiasts building a decentralized, participatory ecosystem for the future of art and culture. They are super supportive and engaged in the space, definitely recommend diving into all that they do. It is run by Greg who i am also sending a milly.
                      • @helfetica who is my go to for all things music on lens. Super impressed with the versatility of her posts as well as the thoughtfulness. She really takes time to pay homage to newcomers and OG's alike, which is awesome.
                        • @magnifying aka camille is a refreshing presence who has been known to share pointless memes, art, whimsical thoughts and ideas. When not exploring blockchain, she paints and strolls with Luna, her dog.
                          • @billym2k might just be the mirror king/queen which would normally be a turn off as we don't get to experience their personality, however there is a tastefulness in the curation that offers value to followers here.
                            Papa - Chef/Shaman

                            Brick By Brick

                            Really pleased we get to slowly but surely invite early, active and onchain lensers to participate in and grow this community - here's hoping we can collectively steer a path towards having incredible impact.

                            There's a tweet thread of this pointless experiment active here.


                            Appreciate likes, retweets etc to get the word out about how awesome you all are.

                            To begin with it was all pointless. It still is.



                            Papa - Zen