At least 300M $pointless in 20 days to those who are early, active & on-chain with Lens. Outrageously pointless...till it isn't.


  • 50m $pointless to liquidity providers ($10 or more)
    • 50m $pointless to collectors of daily art nft’s on lens
      • 50m $pointless to followers of papajams, Sydney & dydymoon
        • 50m $pointless to good vibes art, writing, dev etc posts
          • 50m $pointless to art/music/writing collectors of papajams'
            • 50m $pointless for product/app reviews in the lens ecosystem

              Devs Be Devvin

              Ok so we're coming up on 100M $pointless distributed for being active, onchain, and early. The main focus of this round goes towards appreciating some of the developers investing their time and energy expanding & securing the lensverse. 2M $pointless each to four rockstars doing their part. Thanks for being here!

              @ustas is focused on ZK tech (placed 11th in the zksync code4arena contest), and has been participating in the daily glider contest announced by remedy.


              364 commits in the last year

              @xshape joined lens less than a week ago, is based in london, and is a talented solidity dev currently contributing to the OpenZeppelin repository as her work as a smart contract engineer at 1inch. She shares inspirational messages about self learning and belief. Appreciate you being here!


              668 commits in the last year

              @naruto11eth from India, based in Chicago I believe, has spent years coding in Python, JS, C, graphql, and is currently Rust pilled (who isn't) as well as building courses to learn development with institutions like alchemy university and @PatrickAlphaC 's Foundry Course. After being away from Lens for a while its great to have you back!


              332 commits in the last year

              @krzysu has been incredibly helpful to me & many others, and works on Lens software development kits (SDKs) full time. Wonderfully responsive across discord, telegram and lens (lol, have pestered on all!). Thank you for all you do.


              1126 commits in the last year - beast

              Product Reviews/Feedback

              A crucial aspect of any service, product and experience is to receive feedback and iterate on that basis to more closely match the wants and needs of users. Sad to have missed out on awarding these for day six so we are doubling awards for those that takes the time to do so here gets 1M $pointless each. Thank you!

              @lens/kriepto shares a super valid point about phaver, and the opportunity for us all to understand the phaving system a bit better

              Cool that the phaver team acknowledge the perspective & commit to working on it. FYI you can update the phaver in the app store now. Also, they have integrated a proof of personhood NFT that's aimed at making it easy for humans, hard for bots, to earn on lens - bravo. Annoyingly this needs to be completed every thirty days. Their full KYC includes getting a galxe passport (circa 72k people have done) then minting a phaver one.
              Phaver Gitbook

              @lastpiecenft is super vocal about how the algorithm could evolve, great job!

              @daoleno and @mariariivari for feedback and improvements to lenscan

              Not unhappy with my quality / reputation score

              Papajams.lens Followers & Art Collectors

              1M $pointless each to these legends across my lens follower and collector base!

              @shakkhor890 from Bangladesh who actively participates in and promotes the protocol, his twitter suggests he spends a lot of time farming projects i.e. providing the valuable service of battle testing and transaction throughput before projects fully launch.

              @threeoscillators is a legend in the game who I have had the pleasure of connecting with across music projects like Catalog & Songcamp. Have no doubt that once he brings the energy back to lens we will be a better place for it.

              Papa - angels / demons - pointless

              @zeus_strat aka Phalanx is a rockstar in the zenacademy community that I actually met at a meet up at NFT NYC and is the airdrop sniffer extraordinaire.

              @dfreshmaker is bullish on the metaverse and brings the energy in spaces like oncyber and decentraland as well as in person at web3 events like NFT NYC. He has a web3 business that helps with all sorts of initiatives.

              Liquidity Provision

              Was blessed to jump on an unlonely live stream and spend some time with two leading lights in the lensverse. Great vibes and general life on the docket. The main bit of alpha is that for now neither $FRIES nor $FISH will be tradeable. Given the number of memecoins on lens at the moment, the ladies are opting to hold off an build up more utility before pressing ahead.

              Carla (left) - JessyJeanne (right)

              Meaning I sadly couldn't uphold my mission from DAY SIX of getting some pointless / FRIES or pointless / FISH LP going. So instead I decided to follow suit after our fearless leader sydney_bro and add to the $pointless / $CHAOS LP.

              Papa LP add

              A huge thanks to the following who also take home 2M $pointless for providing liquidity to the pointless pools alongside BONSAI, CHAOS, MATIC & ELECTRIC .


              Tweet thread of the experiment is active here.


              Appreciate likes, retweets etc to get the word out.

              If there was ever something more pointless, I WANT TO KNOW ABOUT IT.

              peace out.

              Papa - pointlessness