At least 300M $pointless in 20 days to those who are early, active & on-chain with Lens.

Pointless...till it isn't.


  • 50m $pointless to liquidity providers
    • 50m $pointless to collectors of daily art nft’s on lens
      • 50m $pointless to followers of papajams, sidetalker, Sydney & dydymoon
        • 50m $pointless to good vibes art, writing, dev etc posts
          • 50m $pointless to art/music/writing collectors of papajams'
            • 50m $pointless for product/app reviews in the lens ecosystem

              Memes As Community

              0xlght (who founded $HIGHER) has a take that I really resonate with which is playing out massively this cycle. The idea is that the ideal we were striving for with DAO's is actually more fully realised through tokenised memes.


              The same could be said of illiquid NFTs to a certain extent, with greater friction for those who want to exit vs those who want to participate. Tokenised meme's on the otherhand, memecoins, are built different. Take pointless as an example.

              $Pointless was sent to the entire lens community (including bots) at the outset by sydney_bro in the fairest launch possible. As a result those who received it and were most engaged have come together across channels like the community page on Orb and the discord to convene around the meme.

              I was one of those fortunate recipients and decided to undertake an experiment to unite this merry band of strangers around a funny concept to begin with. You see engagement establishes trust via consistent actions that enable alignment around mutual values and goals. After my experiences with $degen I could see how in just a few months a small group of dedicated actors could have huge outsized impact.


              On day one, with liquidity at $14k (mostly provided by sydney) and the market cap around 100k, the team building process begun with the experiment. I wrote the first five issues in five days, luckily I was on holiday and had the time. However it was only by issue six, when I decided to take a little pause to write the next one more intentionally, that the experiment evolved from simply a mr beast style giveaway to a community building exercise.

              On day six we reflected on the role $pointless could play in the lens ecosystem as a foundational layer enabling liquidity across creator tokens like $FRIES, $BONSAI, $LOSI $SANDWICH $ELECTRIC $SILLY and more. Dydymoon has been a lynchpin that has worked tirelessly to advance the infrastructure, and LP pool versatility across creator coins. Mycaleum also joined the team to host the pointless charts leaderboard of pointless recipients.

              Thanks for reading - congrats!

              On day seven and day eight we celebrated devs and started leaking alpha. And by day nine we hit $100k liquidity as well as an ATH market cap of $2.5m including a bullish take on creator coins. Way back on day one I had shared how $Pointless began as a joke poking fun at the points meta (see Linea). Over time this interpretation and expression of the pointless meme has shifted, which I tried to articulate on day five. The premise essentially being that most things that matter started off seeming pointless. Instant messaging compared to email, podcasting, twitter, youtube, airbnb all seemed pointless at inception (why would anyone want to do that). They changed the world as we know it.

              Pointless Builders Club

              So as we go into this second half, and next phase, of the experiment I want to start shifting away from being a MR BEAST style giveaway rewarding those who are onchain, early, and active. That phase was to get you here. The next phase is to do something epic together.

              I want to shift more towards rewarding making/building pointless things and allocating rewards to that. In that vein we are announcing a community call next Wednesday (details TBC in the discord & ORB club) to inaugurate the pointless builders club.

              The concept is simple.

              • On the call we'll have our founding dev Sydney as well as anyone who wants to participate (whatever experience you might have).
                • We'll collectively decide on some of the most pointless things to work on that week which may (probably wont) help the lens ecosystem be a more fun, vibes, pointless place to hang out.
                  • Then we can split into teams or go off individually and try building them. We'll structure rewards based on effort, progress, and outcome. Whether you use no-code tools only, or are feeling brave enough to attempt using RUST, or PYTHON to build something = we will at least have fun experimenting.

                    For reference with zero experience, and super limited education with dev stuff (except lots of trial and error + plus plenty of begging for help + liberal use of AI tools) I built stuff like this and this and this etc.

                    For the call all you need to have are ideas and enthusiasm and we'll go from there.


                    Huge love in abundance to collectors of both my work as well as the pointless NFTs we've been dropping on lens. 500k $pointless each to the following: @metaverseplayer, @icyviker, @nancysun, @potential, @elonmusk-x, @tyoma.


                    Really keen to celebrate writers, who do such a wonderful job of telling the lens story. 500k $pointless each to the following, really encourage you to go and engage with their works/posts: @disruptor, @cpthoek, @seliqui, @akiba, @essah

                    Liquidity Provision

                    As I say one of the main differentials with memecoins and the community they can foster is the ease with which anyone can come in or out i.e. vote with value. So we are rewarding 3M $pointless each to these LP providers, thanks for your service and for making it easy for me to find you by posting your transactions in the discord when you add LP between pointless and any other pool e.g. BONSAI, MATIC, ELECTRIC etc.

                    • @d3rwisj.lens - 0xeb0e6ecd0e78b0a84ecd9663a041f453c454a99d
                      • @neser.lens - 0xbdec7287c08c0c153f9843c4796d59e3bf7178e4
                        • @hordunayor.lens : 0xCdb6d44c12526bFd5467ef65B567C05AEB712127

                          Total supply breakdown can be found on

                          Treasury breakdown can be found on this doc we are updating over time (only track pointless balance & budgets, not LPs, for which you can use Debank

                          Papajams Followers/Collectors

                          1M each to random followers and collectors of my art.

                          • Follower: @renso - meme king from costa rica
                            • Follower: @cyrus - who is new to lens, heard about us on seedclub, is building
                              • Collector: Cory Van Lew (not on lens yet)
                                • Collector: Xtrades888 (not on lens yet)

                                  I am going to start sending rewards to random like + retweeters of the mega thread we have going on twitter too to share this pointless story.

                                  Thanks for being here.

                                  Pointless - until it isn't.

                                  Papa - Fishy Fry Guy