In an effort to update and create new documentation related to decentralized science (DeSci) and Web3, several members of Mushroom Protocol have decided to participate in Friends Who Write, Season 2.

During March, Esteban, Tomás, Martín and I shared different perspectives on the Territory t/DeSci. To get to know us better, a little summary about us.

Esteban Arenillas (Co-founder and COO)

Esteban Arenillas is a Biochemist from the University of Santiago de Chile, where he met Tomás and Andrés. After a couple of years studying blockchain and Web3 technology, he came up with the idea of tokenizing scientific assets through Mushroom Protocol.

Today, he leads the coordination of our technology area, and is responsible for the visual aesthetics of the project.

"Enhancing biotechnology is of vital importance in driving scientific and technological advances, improving people's quality of life, ensuring food security, protecting the environment and stimulating economic growth. By investing in biotechnology research, development and application, we are laying the foundation for a healthier, more sustainable and innovative future".

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Tomás Ortega (Co-founder and CEO)

Tomas Ortega is also a Biochemist from the University of Santiago de Chile. During his career he has focused on scientific and technological innovation in Latin America, which led him to revolutionize decentralized science through Mushroom Protocol.

Tomás is currently in the Netherlands participating in the acceleration program of Startupbootcamp, one of the most important accelerators in the world.

"DAOs offer a novel approach to funding scientific research, particularly in areas that have been historically underfunded or deemed too risky by traditional investors. Projects that address pressing global issues, such as climate change or rare diseases, often struggle to secure funding through conventional channels. DAOs provide a platform for these projects to garner support from a community of like-minded individuals who are passionate about advancing scientific knowledge and addressing societal challenges".

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Martín Sangiacomo (Web3 Consultant)

From Uruguay, Martín Sangiacomo joined the Mushroom Protocol team to bring all his knowledge and ideas to make our project attractive to the community.

In addition to supporting us in Friends Who Write, Martin is working on Mushroom Protocol's experience in the metaverse and Web3 outreach in Spanish-speaking countries.

"DeSci emerges as the remedy for the inherent challenges of centralization in scientific research. By decentralizing the process, research funding shifts from the hands of a few to the determination of millions. This democratization enables anyone to invest in research crucial for progress, reaping benefits in return".

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Andrés Peña (Co-founder and CMO)

Finally, I am Andrés Peña, journalist from Santiago de Chile, and I have been writing and researching about Web3 and blockchain for three years.

At Mushroom Protocol, I am dedicated to leading communications and marketing, and I believe that decentralized science can have a huge impact globally.

"Simply put, tokenization refers to the process of representing an asset - in this case scientific assets - on a blockchain network. By issuing tokens that represent, for example, an intellectual property or a paper, scientists and startups can raise funds without the need to give up control of their research".

Check out Andrés texts:

We invite you to keep an eye on all our publications. During the following weeks, I will be updating this publication with new links.

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