Fungi, much more than simple organisms, have become a real source of innovation and development in various technological areas.

Here I present to you 5 outstanding uses that highlight their power and versatility:

1️⃣ Enzyme Production: 🍽️

Mushrooms are masters at producing enzymes that play a vital role in the food industry. Cellulase and amylase, from mushrooms, improve the texture and flavor of our foods.

2️⃣ Vitamins from Fungi: 💊

Some fungi such as Aspergillus niger and Saccharomyces cerevisiae are the manpower behind the production of vitamin B12. Their contribution to health is invaluable.

3️⃣ Antibiotics: 🦠

Mushrooms exhibit amazing antimicrobial properties. Their ability to fight bacteria and other microorganisms becomes an invaluable tool in the fight against diseases.

4️⃣ Biocontrollers: 🌱

Fungi not only protect forests, but also our crops. Their use as biocontrol agents against agricultural pests demonstrates their key role in agriculture.

5️⃣ Sustainable Biomaterials: 🌍

Fungi are also architects of a sustainable future. Mushroom mycelium can be transformed into biodegradable materials that replace plastic.

These are just a few examples of the vast potential of fungi in the technological world.