✨Friends Who Write S2 Teams Spotlight ✨

Tell us about your FFW writing team! If you are looking for members, this is a good place to scout too!

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Feb 22, 2024




This is an unlikely team. We are Emily Ridge , AlterEgo , and indefatigable . Our collective identities span multiple cultures and experiences , and we bring our perspectives into

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be my writing buddy

Anyone looking for a writing mate for the Season2? I'm a daytime tech worker and night time creator--as half of the Brooklyn are-- and will be writing about tech X

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Mushroom Protocol FWW S2 summary

In an effort to update and create new documentation related to decentralized science (DeSci) and Web3, several members of Mushroom Protocol have decided to participate in Friends Who Write, Season

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Web3 Writer's Union ASSEMBLE!

We are ready! Thanks for the opportunity and the fun Wanshu! Love, Cryptoversal, Rionna, Edward, OddWritings, Dylan, and CD

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