Let me tell you 🍄

If you are a scientist, researcher or work in a biotech startup, you surely know the difficulties that exist when it comes to getting funding. Because of that, we are working to offer a free, decentralized and fair digital funding model.

Our approach is simple: blockchain technology shows us that we can decentralize science and biotechnology. Thanks to the tokenization of scientific assets, such as Intellectual Property, you will be able to get funding and participate in the decentralized science community (DeSci).

How do we do it?

We transform scientific research into tokens. By working with blockchain, all transactions, information, data and decision-making are absolutely decentralized and transparent.

Thanks to this technology, Mushroom Protocol will manage a portfolio of biotech research, where each project can be funded by people from all over the world, without the need to manage large capitals.

"Whoever is part of this first batch of tokenized biotech, will go down in history as one of the first science-based companies to be funded by ordinary people, generating an unprecedented decentralized science model in Latin America."
Esteba Arenillas, COO of Mushroom Protocol

If you are a researcher or work in a biotech startup, and you want to try a new equity-free investment vehicle, we invite you to complete the following form.

"At Mushroom Protocol we are opening the investment scenario in science and technology, allowing people from all over the world, and without having large estates, to finance cutting-edge science developed in Latin America. We believe that public and private efforts in this area are not enough, and we are aware of the urgent need for science and technology to advance at the pace of modern societies."
Tomás Ortega, CEO of Mushroom Protocol.

Since our founding in 2023, we have connected with different Web3 actors, closing agreements with projects such as Startupbootcamp, DFINITY, IsoVerse, Zona Tres, Zurf and deScier.

All those who wish to join the decentralized sciences (DeSci) together with Mushroom Protocol, do not hesitate to contact us.

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