Did you know that 42% of the web is built on WordPress, or did this statistic also surprise you because it's so... 2003? The fact is, blogging remains a relevant way to bring in new fans/followers/business, making WordPress the most popular CMS as a result.

But here's a look at what modern blogging can look like in 2023, on the web3 publishing home built on Lens Protocol.

1. If you think on-chain posts are already old news, take a closer look.

Free permanent storage via Arweave is toggled on by default for everyone on t2 because we're building a futureproof foundation for modern publishing tools that leverage web3 possibilities.

To start, all your posts can be amplified via Lens to take advantage of the protocol's extensive distribution power across all compatible platforms. Users can use any ecosystem app to react or reply to your posts, and all of the engagement is seamlessly surfaced back on t2. This post is amplified via Lens, leave a comment below and you can follow the conversation on Orb, Butterfly, or Hey.

Your profile can be automatically ingested when you register for t2 today with your Lens profile.

Hello, composability!

2. Collaboration doesn't just mean co-create. Here are some other things you can do with the help of a community.

More than 45,000 wallet addresses signed our Future of Social manifesto in March 2023. A significant number of them cited "niche communities" as an important value to social networks of the future. We firmly stand by this belief, which is why web3's new publishing home is built around communities.

On t2, we call them Territories: where writers and readers engage in community discussions on niche subjects. Territory members make use of Prompts to seek inspiration or feedback on their writing, spark discussions, or encourage quality content creation with writing bounties.

When you find your niche Territory(ies), you can work alongside like-minded people, on different projects. Wild.

3. Build yourself a reputation that you can take with you.

Unlike 🧻, Time Points (known as t.p. by our communities) act as a measurement of meaningful interactions on t2. It is the social reputation of writers and readers.

For now, readers generate t.p. for themselves and for the writers of the content they consume as they read. In the near future, we will expand the range of activities that qualify for t.p. accumulation. Anyone who contributes to the curation of culture should be fairly rewarded.

Like any good social reputation, t.p. will become infinitely more valuable as we expand its recognition on other surfaces in the Lens ecosystem and beyond. As of today, you can stake t.p. in exchange for Territory memberships. Or just for wholesome brags with your creator buddies.

4. In fact, take everything with you, on the go.

Here's something else you can build on t2 and take with you elsewhere: um... basically everything! Everything you publish on t2, if amplified via Lens, can be found in the Orb community for Writers. Once you hit that "publish" button, you can tune into discussion on the go with the Orb app.

5. Use writing to boost your podcast, web3tube (that's a word now), or whatever cool thing you're creating.

If you don't consider yourself a writer already, may I ask why not? We established at the beginning of this post that written content remains an extremely powerful way to build a brand, attract new fans/followers/users, and repurpose your existing content.

Here are some ideas to put on your holiday content list:

  • Take your existing or soon-to-be podcast empire and write a highlight post based on your most popular episodes of 2023.
  • Write a forward looking post on the coolest things you're excited about for your video channel in 2024.
  • Share good vibes to end of the year by writing an appreciation post for all the other creators that have inspired you.

If you're creating in the Lens ecosystem already, even better. Get started NOW and make a goal to hit that "publish" button by the end of the day. You can start using t2 in 10 seconds with your Lens profile: app.t2.world/t2xlens

Before you go, take a sneak peek at what's coming next.

We surveyed the participants of our inaugural Friends Who Write writing cohort this past November, and an incredible 75% has said they're itching to join the next season. So stay tuned for more information on that in the new year.

If you found this post valuable, I write about entrepreneurship and personal growth. For the most part, anyway. I am known to deviate, I mean have you seen my collection of literally every single Territory membership badge?

Before I deviated, I was about to point you to my other writings, something professional and something deeply personal:

Thanks for reading, see you around, happy holidays, and happy writing!


Photo by Free Walking Tour Salzburg on Unsplash