Following up on t2’s integration with Lens, we continue to push the frontier of composability by officially partnering with our friends over at Orb, our favorite mobile application for the Lens ecosystem.

Now, writers in the Lens ecosystem have a dedicated, mobile-first community on Orb to connect with fellow writers, discover new content, and interact with t2 posts — all from the Orb app.

Log in to Orb with your Lens/@handle

To get started, download the Orb app on your mobile device and log in with your preferred web3 wallet containing your lens/@handle. Both Android and iOS are supported!

Discover new content by joining the “Writers” Community

Navigate to the “Communities” tab or use the search function to find the “Writers” community.

In the community, you’ll find all the posts and prompts published on t2 that have been amplified with Lens.

Perhaps you’ll even discover something delightful to read on your morning commute, straight from your mobile device.

Join the Writer community on Orb by clicking “Join Community”. Currently, anyone can join the community and create new posts within it.

Join "Writers" Community on Orb

Connect and Engage with Other Writers in the Lens Ecosystem

As previously mentioned in our t2 x Lens integration announcement, likes and comments on Orb will sync and appear on t2.

Orb operates much like any other social app, allowing you to connect and engage with your favorite writers, all while enjoying the benefits of t2's long-form publishing experience. Rest assured, you can pick up the conversation right where you left off when you log back into t2.

Engage on Orb

Easily Identify Other Writers with the “Writers” Tag

As you scroll through your Orb feed, you can easily identify other members of the “Writers” community through the tag displayed beneath their username. Check out this new post made by Daniela, a recent new joiner of t2!

Identify other Writers on Lens

The Future of Composability

We believe that long-form writing holds a strong place in the ecosystem of social microblogging. Whether it's in-depth explainers, sequential fiction, or know-how tutorials, leverage t2’s composability within the Lens ecosystem to enjoy the best of both worlds.

In the future, expect integrations with Orb at the community and Territory levels as we continue to invest in composability at the organizational level.

Feedback and Comments

As usual, leave your comments and feedback below (whether you’re on Lens, Orb, or t2) :) We always love to hear from you. Happy holidays, and see you lot in 2024! 🥂