Lens users can join t2 today! More info...

We're thrilled to introduce the first iteration of t2’s partnership with our friends over at Lens Protocol! Our vision is to facilitate an open internet of knowledge and ideas to shape the next era of publishing, and our alliance with Lens — a partner that champions composability, self-custodianship, and security — marks a significant step in this direction. With this integration, we are making t2 the go-to destination for writers in the Lens ecosystem.

We’ve heard from our writers that, after publishing their t2 posts, they're seeking:

  1. Expanded distribution and discovery via third-party social platforms (e.g., Twitter, Instagram, mailing lists)
  2. Engaging and high-quality discussions around topics that are easy to monitor and join
  3. A consistent digital identity to enhance their reputation and awareness as writers

Guided by community feedback, we're excited for you to explore the new features across the platform that enhance both writing and reading experiences on t2.

Feel free to try out these features firsthand on this post — whether by connecting your Lens profile and leaving a comment below, or clicking “Amplified via Lens” above to see the Lens post.

Connect with Lens & Update your Profile

To maximize the benefits of our new Lens integration, start by linking your Lens profile to your t2 account. Visit your Profile Page and select Settings > Lens, or simply use the dropdown in the navigation bar by clicking on your username.

Once your t2 and Lens accounts are connected, click "Update profile" to import your latest Lens details to t2. This will bring over your avatar, display name, bio, and any associated links from Lens.

Remember, changes made directly to your t2 profile won't affect your Lens profile.

Connect Lens profile with t2

Amplify t2 posts via Lens

Start a new post or choose an article from your drafts. Click “Publish” when you are ready and toggle on “Amplify with Lens”.

With this feature enabled, your t2 post will automatically publish as a Lens post and be shared across all Lens-compatible apps. Amplified Lens posts will showcase your post title, the first 30 words, your header image, and a link back to the full t2 post. Likes and comments on your Lens post will also be reflected on your t2 post.

To see your post on Lens, click “Amplified via Lens” on the article page.

To verify its publication, open your favorite Lens app, head to your profile, and see your new post!

This post is also Amplified via Lens; see the Lens post here.

Amplify t2 posts with Lens

Comment with Lens

For amplified posts, comments and likes will display on both t2 and Lens platforms. So, if a Lens user comments on or likes your Lens post, you'll also find that comment on t2. This ensures uninterrupted discussions with readers across any Lens-compatible app.

In the same vein, comments from t2 users with connected Lens accounts will appear on Lens. This cohesive commenting system positions your t2 post as the primary hub for discussions, bridging conversations beyond t2 and appealing to a wider audience.

Take the discussion with you wherever you go

Lens users can skip the waitlist

Users with a Lens handle can skip the waitlist to sign up for a free t2 account today. Whether you want to explore the different Territories on t2, build your niche community, or participate in a discussion, t2 is your home for writing in the Lens ecosystem.


I don’t have a Lens handle. How do I get one? You can sign up for the Lens waitlist here.

Can I edit my Lens post after publishing? Because Lens posts are verified by the blockchain, Lens posts can’t be edited once published. However, that won’t affect your ability to edit your post on t2 if you need to make any changes.

What if my Lens handle is in a different wallet? Please contact our team via Lens DMs @t2world, on Discord, or X DMs @t2wrld for support.

What about comments under a t2 post that isn’t amplified with Lens? They will still appear on t2, but won’t automatically become Lens posts.

Feedback and Comments

We’re serious about building with our community, and your voice matters to us. As we continue to develop our partnership and integration with Lens, we invite you to share your feedback below (or on Lens). Whether it be features, hopes, or dreams, let us know what vision of t2 you want to see!