At t2, our vision for the future of digital publishing includes being future-proof, resistant to censorship, entirely user-controlled, and adaptable with both today's platforms and those yet to come. Today we’re introducing permanent storage via Arweave for all posts on t2.

How do I use it?

Content storage via Arweave is turned on by default for all users. If you wish to change this, head to your settings by visiting your Profile Page and select Settings > Publishing, or simply use the dropdown in the navigation bar next to your profile image.

Select an existing draft or create a new post. Open up your publish settings, and confirm “Store post via Arweave” is toggled on. Click publish, and you’re done!

Check the Arweave transaction by clicking on the link at the bottom of your published post.


What is Arweave?

Arweave is a blockchain-based storage solution that allows you to store data permanently. When you publish on t2, we'll store your content via Arweave. This ensures that your content is stored safely, but also that it remains there for a long time (at least the next 200 years).

What will it cost me?

It won’t cost you anything! Currently, t2 will sponsor all transactions fees necessary.

Why does this matter?

Content storage matters because we want the ideas you share to be owned by you, be accessible into the future, and be fully protected from censorship.

Ownership: You are the full owner of your content, and have complete control over it.

Futureproof: Your content is future-proof, meaning it’ll still be around 100+ years from now. Kind of like a time capsule, for your writing to impact future generations as well as the current moment.

Censorship-resistant: Once stored on Arweave, your post cannot be taken down by anyone, even t2.

Your stored data isn't threatened by technological changes or service discontinuation. For instance, if you've stored your first published blog post on Arweave, even if t2 shuts down, your post remains safe and accessible on Arweave.

What happens if I edit the post?

Once you publish your post with Arweave turned on, that initial version will be stored. You can edit the post on t2, but those edits won't change the version stored on Arweave.

What happens if I delete the post?

You’ll still be able to delete the post on t2, but this action currently won’t remove the entry on Arweave. However, readers will no longer find the post on t2.

When I click on the transaction link, why am I getting a 404 error?

Transactions may take up to 1 hour to show up on Arweave’s block explorer. Check again in a bit!

How do I know this works?

Once the transaction appears on Arweave’s block explorer, you can view the stored post data.

My post isn't currently stored on Arweave. How do I change that?

Select the published post you want to store on Arweave. Click on Edit article, then the settings icon in the top right corner. Unpublish the article, then toggle “Store post on Arweave” on. Don’t worry, unpublishing won’t affect t.p. accumulated so far, or the comments and likes.

Click “Publish” again to republish your post.

Feedback and Comments

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