The I Chapter Series.

In here we will drive into the wonderful world of stories that ends in one chapter only, this will be a series that might leave you wanting a second chapter or an ending that satisfies your passion to reading.

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Feb 7, 2024



#5 - The Angel of Love

Haniel is the angel of love. She is the one deciding who you love and how you love, but as for her… she never felt love. The other angels thought

  • 5 min read


#4 - The Brother Twins

There once was a man who married two women, and both of his wives gave birth to two brothers who looked exactly alike – not just twins, but exact replicas

  • 5 min read


#3 - The Black & White Cats

There was a white cat who lived alone, ate, cleaned, slept all alone. Usually, the white cat waits for the owner to come home for at least a lap to

  • 3 min read


#2 - The Art of Stealing

The world paints thieves as the bad guys, but in reality, we are the ones who create the balance you live in. I am an artist, not a thief. I'll

  • 7 min read


#1 - The Holders of Power.

Another in my position may pray to the Gods of Mercy or Compassion, asking for salvation. I, though, pray to the Gods of Fire and Destruction, asking that they unleash

  • 11 min read


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