Haniel is the angel of love. She is the one deciding who you love and how you love, but as for her… she never felt love. The other angels thought she was not able to feel love to do her duties perfectly. But in reality, she never met her love yet… Haniel loves to sit in the lake in heaven, mesmerizing and playing with the creatures there.

Until one day, there was a problem: the devil had broken into heaven, and no one knew about it. He wandered around, enjoying the place in the form of a wolf, scared to be caught and thrown to hell. His wolf form only allowed him to walk around but not eat or drink; he had to shift back to his original state. And one night, he had to drink in Haniel’s lake. She was sitting there, and he did not notice her… his shape started shifting, and Haniel felt scared. Black leathery wings started coming out, his long grey nails started marking the ground, horns, a long body, and strong; that's how the devil looked… at that point, Haniel was watching, and she felt her heart pounding so hard she thought death was near. Haniel, for the first time, experienced love… she looked at the devil and was speechless, but she stood up, and the devil saw her and in a rush turned himself into a snake and left the heavens' grounds back to earth.

Haniel went to her closest sister, Jophiel, and she told her about her feelings. She did not want her sister to know that she saw the devil… after telling her sister what happened and the feelings that she felt, Jophiel smiled and looked at her and said, “Haniel, my dear sister, you have experienced love for the first time.” Haniel felt mixed feelings: happiness that she was able to love, and fear of God because she fell in love with the devil. She took her leave and sat next to her lake again; she kept thinking of how majestic the devil looked in her eyes; she wanted the devil to notice her, love her back, be with her all the time… Haniel started trying to look like the devil, growing her nails long, shedding her beautiful white wings in hope of growing new black wings, she turned pale instead of white, her eyes looked sleepy now; she always had lively eyes, rounded and color-changing, now it's all black.

God noticed the acts of Haniel and ordered her to stop, but her love blinded her, and she kept trying to grab any slight attention from the devil. A devil that did not even know about her nor her feelings, Haniel had to be punished… God decided to take her down to earth and live with humans as a punishment.

When Haniel arrived on earth, she already started looking like a devil herself… her skin now is transparent, showing her bones, her smile is not welcoming anymore but an evil smile that pushes anyone away… Humans saw her and glorified her; they thought she was a good angel that was sent to save them, she instead enslaved humans, started wars, and ruled with fear instead of love. Everyone hated each other because she was the one responsible for feelings no one knew or understood why the earth was turning into hell. Haniel had to be long vanished, said God.

Angels were sent to make her repent back to God and stop the nonsense; her favorite sister Jophiel told her, “Dear sister, I fear losing you, I fear the punishment that awaits if you keep on going,” Haniel looked at her like she never knew her and said, “let it be until he sees. Until he notices. Until he loves me. I will not stop,” Jophiel was in shock if she couldn't convince her sister none of the others could… Angel of Justice, War, and Goodness were sent; each used a way to convince her to repent, but nothing worked. She was determined.

The devil started noticing what was going on and took an interest in Haniel, but he never went to meet her or give her any attention; he wanted her to sin more; he wanted her to disobey God. Haniel had already met some demons; they told her that the devil had taken an interest in her. The devil liked her and also loved her, but to meet him, they said she needed to kill one of her sisters, not just one but her favorite… Haniel thought to herself and smiled back and said, “I'll do it for my love.”

Haniel called her sister Jophiel and met her in a castle; they both knew something was off, but Jophiel loved her sister so much, that she wasn't aware of the danger that hid in the attention of her sister. Haniel stepped closer to Jophiel as if she was going to hug her, hiding the holy danger in her robe sleeve. As she hugged her. Haniel stabbed her sister right in her soul; angels don't bleed but instead, they vaporize.

The devil was so happy with Haniel's actions, but God was furious. She went to finally meet her lover, her dream of being with the devil was close, not just close right in front of her, and as she was flying to meet the devil. Death falls from the sky on her and takes her down to the ground.

Death says, “By order, your soul shall be taken,” Haniel feels scared; Death is not an angel and not a devil. Death is God's order; all he does is fulfill the order perfectly and with no mistakes. Haniel in a trembling voice says, “Please, let me meet him once, I want to look in his eyes.” Death doesn't reply; he is not capable of understanding words; the only thing Death is good at is taking souls as ordered. Haniel cries and calls for the devil as he looks from the top of the mountain and knows he has nothing to do. but his ideas were done through her… slaving humans, destroying relations, wars, and every sinful act. Death stands and enters his hand inside of Haniel, taking her soul, and jumping back to the sky, leaving a huge mark on the ground. His order was fulfilled.

The devil comes down to Haniel and says, “Must be you who fell in love with me,” Haniel can't speak; she starts to vaporize as her sister did. But in her last thoughts, she said, “I loved you, why didn't you save me,” The Devil said, “Many loved me before and all of them ended the same as you. I don't love I use the lovers, that's why I am the devil” as he walks off and Haniel disappears; everyone in the sky was sad, they lost an angel, a loved one… God created a new beauty angel and a new love angel for the order to balance… Haniel and Jophiel met in the souls world even with what happened the sisters still loved each other and stayed there for eternity.