The world paints thieves as the bad guys, but in reality, we are the ones who create the balance you live in.

I am an artist, not a thief. I'll be executing the most perfect heist in history. The target is the rarest diamond in the world, hidden under five layers of security, all underground, and one mistake fills the whole room with acid. You vaporize while the diamond stays in perfect shape.

*Calling LoliX... Rings... She picks up.*

"Better be something important, pal. The cops are after me," LoliX says.

"Yeah, remember when I told you about the perfect heist?" I remind her.

*Sounds of an explosion*

"Fucking hell, give me a break... yeah, that's not possible. That diamond is the rarest in the world, and the security is too high for us, bud," LoliX screams while running.

"Hold on, I'll be there in... You lost your line," LoliX couldn't complete the call.

"Oh, come on, at least finish your word," I mutter to myself.

Why is she like that? I am sure we can pull this off; it's such a masterpiece, the unforgettable art of stealing. The five layers are a complicated set of puzzles to unlock; each requires a key, a fingerprint, and an eye scan, and each layer has its own gatekeeper. We cannot steal those; the system will be changed in no time, but if we break our way through, that actually would work.

*Hears a rumble... A human falls from the roof*

"What the... How is this even possible?" I shout while waving off the dust.

It's LoliX, my partner. She is a wonderful artist. Actually, aside from stealing, she does street art. She is so flexible and joyful. I love her. But...


"Oh, come on, take it easy, big guy. I had to jump off a helicopter; that should make sense, I guess..." She says with a grin.

Okay, whatever, she always does this anyways. I'll just tell her the plan and get ready for the heist day. I'll gain nothing from getting mad.

"Alright. Listen, here is the plan..." She cuts me off.

"Hold up, I never agreed to this plan. I don't think we can pull it off," she says.

"Well, just listen to the plan and tell me what you think," I say.

"This whole heist is built on one thing: if we could take the security down, we will get right through it. How we do it, you might ask? I made a program that helps me modify each layer code to be unlocked by us. I know," I say.

"Haha, funny guy. And how do we know that will work?" LoliX questions.

"Well, I've bribed some guards there, and yeah, it works. Don't worry about that part. But even if we do that, the defense system won't shut down, and that's when you come into play," I answered her.

"Ooo, you’re in need of my sexy body, right? :3" she uses the cat face.

"Hate to admit, but yeah, I do. Get ready; you are going to have a hard day," I told her while getting ready.

The plan is laid down. All that is left is to move. I don't know what awaits us for the defense systems… Those guards won't tell anything, but that doesn't matter. I trust my partner. I know together we will be making art.

*Both got ready and got the earbuds in. Loaded and ready to go.*

“Hey, take your position, dumb ass,” I told LoliX.

“Hold on, big guy; I am doing my makeup… okay, done, open the gates.”

*Keyboard clicks…*

*Gate opening sounds*

Okay, I bribed the first gate guys to be easy on her; she can just take them down easily. Those two big guys usually don't play around.

*LoliX fighting the guards and takes them down*

“I am done; that was a piece of cake,” she said.

“Yeah yeah... I'll open this gate. Remember, we don't know what is behind there; one mistake and the alarm gets on; we need to keep it for the last step; it only takes 10 minutes for the rooms to be filled with acid,” I explained.

*The second gate opens*

“HOLY SHIT,” she screams.


“Never mind haha, it's the usual... lasers. The only difference here I see is they move, but I can manage it,” she tells me.

That little prick loves to play on my nerves. I'll kill her, just wait…

LoliX starts jumping around avoiding the moving lasers, but what awaits is much harder. The lasers start following her, attempting to touch her… It's like the lasers feel that someone is around. It seems that the system uses a temperature detector and moves toward unusual temperatures. Now she starts running around trying her best not to touch anything. The lasers are getting faster by each second… She is in great danger.

“Uhh.. I know I said I can manage it, but these fucking lasers are getting faster by each second it seems, and the problem this shit is following me. I AM NO LONGER SEXY, LEAVE ME ALONE.” She hardly was able to say that.

“Okay, I'll try to slow them down by hacking the system. I need you to locate a router-looking box and throw the USB I gave you on it; make sure it sticks,” I tell her.

“Alright, where's your little box… there, I see you!” she says in excitement.

LoliX throws the USB, and it does stick. Such a good aim she has.

“YOUR TURN, BIG GUY! I CAN'T KEEP UP!” she shouts.

Alright, I'll need to access the files to change the speed; wait, got an idea… let me just delete the whole system; that should turn them off too.

*Robots turning off sounds*

“THAT'S WHAT I AM TALKING ABOUT, BIG GUY. I knew you could pull this off, but I am totally wet from running. At least the alarm is not activated,” she tells me.

“Keep going; the third gate is open already,” I told her.

“WOAH, when did you do that?” she says.

That dumb girl will end up dying if she doesn't focus and be more serious.

Entering the third gate, there was nothing straight up, just nothing, a floor to walk on… LoliX took her first steps, and shit, the floor started falling off.

“Ayo, I did not expect this. I wonder what's down there?” She questions me.

“Like hell I know; the gate is opening; you gotta get to the diamond.”

Floors falling all around the room, and she's cut off from the door, and some light shows down there… it's fire, everything goes down just burns down.

“I have the grappler gun but it's only one shot. I don't know; I might need it later," she says hesitantly.

"What other options do we have? Just roll with it again once you reach the door," I tell her.

She takes the gun, loads it, and fires. Always on spot as usual; she's lucky and pulls herself to the door, falling right face to face with the diamond.

“This is the most beautiful thing I've ever seen… after you, of course,” she says.

"Be careful when you grab the diamond; the alarm will go off, the gates will close in 10 minutes, and the rooms will be filled with acid, so you need to rush out of there," I caution her.

She starts counting, "1, 2, 3," and she grabs the diamond and sprints back to the gate, using the grappling gun. Getting out is easier than getting in. After seeing the daylight, LoliX feels happy; she can finally stop being a thief and focus on her career as an artist. But just then, a robotic arm grabs her leg and starts pulling her inside while the gates are closing. She looks at me...

"Big guy, I don't think we can do it, but you can," she says with a tear on her face.

And then she throws the diamond to me, and the gate slams closed. I run to escape, crying, telling my self if she had the grappling gun she would've escaped but for the diamond I lost her even with the success of the mission, I failed as a partner. I wasn't able to sense happiness with the loss of LoliX; she is the true diamond, a priceless gem that couldn't be stolen or found anywhere.

The next days, they display that LoliX's body was vaporized by the acid, and I had the diamond sold in an auction. But what I've lost was way more worth than the diamond. I performed my art; she did better than me, but in the end, her art of stealing wasn't for items but for my heart.