There was a white cat who lived alone, ate, cleaned, slept all alone. Usually, the white cat waits for the owner to come home for at least a lap to sit on to feel less lonely.

One random day, the owner comes with a cardboard box and the white cat looks at the box with a face that questions what's inside of it… The owner puts the box down and opens it. Oh, it's a little black cat.

The white cat hisses at the black cat while getting closer to smell the black cat. Seems like the black cat shows no resistance and the white cat understands and calms down. The owner takes the black cat out and takes the box away. As the white cat looks in confusion, the black cat starts walking around.

The black cat smells everything, plays with everything. That little thing might cause trouble… and after running around checking each room, the black cat feels exhausted and lays on the white cat bed next to the fireplace. It's winter; that black cat might freeze otherwise.

The white cat now also wants to sleep but finds that her place is taken. It doesn't bother to move the black cat. Instead, the white cat sleeps on the ground… the next day comes, now the black cat eats from the white cat's plate. The white cat does not like that and runs to move the black cat away and proceeds to eat. The owner notices but does nothing, closing the door and leaving as he does every day. The cats are left alone together for the day.

The black cat felt it's time to play with what, you might ask? The white cat's tail. The white cat did not like that at first, but after a while, they started to get along. The cats played together that day and ended up sleeping on the same bed till the owner was home. This time he brought a new food bowl for the black cat, but the cats decided to share one bowl and eat from it. After that long day of getting used to each other, the cats slept.

That was the daily routine for the cats. Both of them loved how it was… Playing, Eating, Sleeping all done together. The days pass by, and the white cat gets older. Now, all it does is sleep and eat. Playing wasn't a passion anymore. The black cat didn't argue with that. Instead, the black cat started helping the white cat move and bringing the food to the bed… something was off. The black cat was able to notice that but it stayed to be the pace for days to come.

All of a sudden, one day, the white cat disappeared, and the black cat looked everywhere, but it wasn't able to find the white cat. No matter how hard the black cat tried meowing, there was no response. As the owner looked sad and even crying, the black cat couldn't really understand what's going on but kept going… The black cat gave up in the end. Slept that night and woke up without the white cat as usual.

Now the black cat's day is boring, at least that's what the cat expression shows, spending the whole day sleeping and just waiting for the owner to get home for a lap to sit on to avoid loneliness. All of a sudden, the owner comes with a box in his hand, and the black cat looks at it with confusion. The owner opens the box and puts it on the ground. The black cat gets closer and sees… it's a small white cat. The black cat smells the cat and goes back to sleeping, leaving the white cat to explore and do its thing.

After a long day, the white cat comes to sleep and finds no place. Instead of choosing the ground, the white cat decided to sleep on top of the black cat, and the next morning, the white cat started to play with the black cat, and that's what makes the black cat lively again. So they start to do things together from eating, cleaning, sleeping… until one day, the black cat disappears all of a sudden…