In the last 5 months since releasing t2’s social writing experience, Territory V1, we’ve seen plenty of interest and proposals from our community for new Territories. Whether it be t/Vinyl, t/Prose, t/OuLiPo, or t/DeAI, our early writers have shaped what t2 looks like through establishing new niche interest groups. We’ve seen Territories be a place where writers and readers connect, with many new users who cannot wait to start their own Territories on t2.

Now, we’re inviting all community builders and writers to come and launch their own Territories and initiate their community spaces.

How to launch a Territory

To launch a new Territory, log into t2 (, and click “New Territory” on the home page.

Name your new Territory, and add an optional description of what the Territory is about, and what people can expect to see in the Territory.

Set the t.p. deposit required for others to join your Territory as a member (default value is 5). Requiring t.p. deposits is one way to disincentivize bad behavior and spamming within a Territory, allowing for higher quality discussions and engagement.

All of these details can be changed later via Territory settings.

Once you’re happy, click to launch.

Launch a new Territory

The role of an Admin in a Territory

The creator of the Territory is also the Admin of the Territory by default, and Admins are bound by the Admin Code of Conduct.

At t2, the Admin role is seen as the steward of a community, guiding discussions and engagement while ensuring community safety. As Territories become progressively decentralized, in the future we will be introducing more roles with different permission levels to help moderate and encourage activity within the Territory, and offer ways for self-governance to increase Territory autonomy.

Creating Territory content

Once you’ve launched a new Territory, we suggest that you create the very first prompt and post to introduce yourself and the new community! Click “New prompt” or “New Territory post” on the Territory home page.

Create a new Prompt

Alternatively, you can move your posts published elsewhere into your new Territory via the publish settings panel for each post. All aspects of existing posts will be transferred to the new Territory except for t.p. accumulated in a different Territory.

Move a post to a Territory

Managing a Territory via settings


You’ll see that you have been automatically assigned Admin permissions. Click on the “Admin” dropdown in the header section, and click on “Manage Territory” to open the Territory settings.

In Territory settings, you’ll be able to make any changes to the Territory name, description, required t.p. for membership, and upload a badge image for your Territory.

As we continue to roll out more roles and features, Admins will have the ability to manage the content within their Territory as well as the permissions of other members within the Territory.

Territory Settings

Leaving the Territory as an Admin

An Admin can leave a Territory at will. Admins can do this via the dropdown on the Territory homepage hero section. Admins who leave the Territory will not receive any t.p. back (as none were deposited upon launching the Territory).

Admins can rejoin a Territory as a Member, and are subject to the t.p. required, just like any other new Member.

This feature is coming in April 2024.

Deleting a Territory

A Territory must be empty for it to be deleted by the Admin. This is to ensure that all Territory Members are aware that a Territory is being deleted, so that it does not suddenly disappear while still containing content from other users.

An empty Territory must not contain:

  • Any posts, from the Admin or other Members
    • Any prompts, from the Admin or other Members
      • Any Members other than the Admin

        An Admin is responsible for emptying out the Territory before they can delete it. Once deleted, a Territory cannot be restored. Alternatively, an Admin is free to leave the Territory at any time, as mentioned above.

        This feature is coming in April 2024. If you are having trouble deleting a Territory, please reach out to Wanshu on Discord (@shitai233) or via email ([email protected]).

        Thank you~

        We’re exceptionally excited to see what new niche communities spring from making new Territories accessible to everyone. What else would you like to see? What do you think? Let us know in the comments.