Write 5 mins everyday

For adventurous to write 5 mins everyday. No ambition, no expectation, just sit and write. Typos encouraged. Special thx to my friend Bradley for this one.

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Feb 23, 2024



5 Min: Bad Threads

Sometimes, I have bad writing. Like a game of hide and seek, sometimes, I just can’t find the words. When I write, I envision worlds and scenes. As I write

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5 mins: writing to process

I never really thought I would get into writing, but I noticed that it's a medium that has been calling me more this year. So much that there's sometimes the

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5 mins on "where are u from?"

Today's 5 min post is another response to a comment from Tw on my first post about being a third culture kid . Usually when asked where are u from…i

  • 2 min read


On the dinner table

It's Sunday evening, another weekend day that I did nothing meaningful. Life for physically weak ppl is a live demonstration of how tough it can be once you stop going

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5 min on personal identity

Today's 5min post is a reply to the following comment from @TheExtroverted Introspect under my last 5 min post about being a third-culture kid: Are you attached to a geographical

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LA vs. NYC vs. Utah Reflection

here we go again, entry #2 for the 5 min writing assignment. I just got back to NYC, after visiting family and friends in both Utah and Los Angeles. What

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