I never really thought I would get into writing, but I noticed that it's a medium that has been calling me more this year. So much that there's sometimes the guilt of not giving into it, not making enough space and time for it.

I've experienced A LOT of changes since this new decade began, with changing my career into new fields, and with moving across 4 cities in the past 4 years. A lot of personal changes to process, along with all the historical moments I've witnessed in each place I've lived in, along with all the collective shifts we're experiencing as a hyperconnected world (that technology has made possible).

So I guess, that's why writing has been calling to me lately:

writing to process.
writing as a process of slowing down.
slowing down as practicing deeper presence.

While the past years have been about diverging into many different curiosities, trying to make sense of the world, this year has a theme of convergence. I'm at a point in my life where I've built a personal syllabus of all the niche topics I want to to research into, such as the ecology of technology <> indigenous care & well-being <> circular and interdependent networks of creation. Now it's a matter of converging it all together through my writing, informed by my lived experiences.

This challenge kickstarted my starting point (and commitment) to my newfound writing journey :)