• Writers have a new home on the internet, it's called t2
    • And it's... modern, bringing writers into the *dramatic effect* Age of Creators
      • We've built in private for over a year with 3,000 test users
        • Now open to everyone, check it out at (also, you're reading on it now)

          Introducing a new paradigm for writers within the creator economy

          Today marks a pivotal moment in our journey to making the creator economy work for writers — after a year of development, in collaboration with hundreds of early writers, we're proud share the public launch of, bringing a new paradigm into the digital publishing space.

          The art of writing and publishing is undergoing a transformative shift, moving away from solitary endeavors to become more collaborative, engaging, and community-driven. Recognizing the challenges and limitations inherent in existing platforms — where fears of obscurity, lack of engagement, and unfair compensation prevail — we want t2 to redefine the way people write and connect online.

          In fact, we want everyone to own the belief that their ideas are worth writing and sharing about.

          Niche communities will supercharge creativity and productivity

          We're not building just a tool; t2 is a community-driven ecosystem where writers, free from the constraints of traditional publishing models, can thrive within their self-identified niches. Niches, or Territories as they are called on t2, offer a sanctuary from the noise and competition of traditional platforms, focusing instead on fostering meaningful connections and creative synergies among like-minded individuals.

          At its core, t2 challenges the status quo, addressing the frustrations many writers face: the familiar, daunting void of algorithm-controlled platforms, the craving for genuine engagement, and the struggle against the undervaluing of their work. Instead, we're creating a vibrant, supportive network of networks that values creativity and collaboration above all.

          This quote from Mario, author of The Generalist newsletter, encapsulates the essence of our endeavor:“t2 is one of the most audacious, original, and humane visions of the future of online connection.”

          Time is the mechanism that ties us all together

          On t2, everyone's time is valued and lead to the generation of Time Points (t.p.). Time Points is a simple mechanism that witnesses people's engagement with content and with each other, measures the impact of content distribution, and will be used to retroactively calculate revenue distribution in the near future.

          You can think of it like a credit score or karma meter, but for writing and reading.

          Now open to everyone

          Getting started on t2 is as simple as it is inclusive, requiring nothing more than an email or a digital wallet. This accessibility ensures that writers can easily engage with their communities, manage their work, and stay connected, whether they're at home or on the go, via desktop or mobile devices. This flexibility is a testament to t2's commitment to fostering a seamless and integrated writing and publishing experience for all.

          The journey to this point has been nothing short of extraordinary, made possible by the passionate involvement of early community members and the overwhelming interest of 32,000 individuals who joined the waitlist. This collective enthusiasm and support have been instrumental in shaping t2's development, reflecting a shared desire for a more equitable, engaging, and fulfilling digital publishing ecosystem.

          We invite you to explore today. Discover your niche, connect with like-minded individuals, and let your voice find its chorus.

          With anticipation and gratitude,

          Sammi Wei
          Co-founder, t2


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