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For this new season of our wildly fun Friends Who Write challenge, we are introducing 2 new prize categories: 1) the Territory Race, to encourage the development of collaborative, niche communities; and 2) Individual Prizes, to recognize pure, writing excellence unaffected by factors of chance.

👯‍♂️ Territory Race

Introducing a new layer to Friends Who Write: build out your own community with collaborators!

Collaborate with other FWW participants to build shared audiences and race your chosen Territor(ies) to the finish line with the highest Time Points (t.p.) growth during the race period.

How to Win the Race

  • The Race begins on March 8 and ends on March 31.
    • Your collaborators do not have to be your teammates. In fact, you need not communicate with each other or even know who they are, but where's the fun in that? Hot tip: get to know other participants and find out their interests and style, if you're a match, publish in the same Territory to grow your audience together. You must be members of the Territor(ies) you publish in.
      • Explore and join a Territory that resonates with your interests or writing style. Some might require a deposit of t.p. in exchange for the membership, if you don't have enough t.p., you can simply read and write to earn some.
        • Or create a new Territory. If you can't find one that hits the exact spot, there's nothing standing in your way to make one. Territory Admins are a special species, we love them for being at the core of t2's unique brand of community experiences.
          • Publish in the Territor(ies) you support and share the link with friends & family, the person who delivers your mail, or on social media. Anyone can create a t2 account and earn t.p. for themselves and for you when they read your posts.
            • Hot tip: make use of Prompts to get attention on the t2 front page!


              Prizes are divided among participants based on the amount of t.p. they individually generated within the winning Territory, in proportion to the total t.p. generated by all participants in that Territory over the race period.

              • First Place: $2,500
                • Second Place: $1,500
                  • Third Place: $1,000

                    What are Territories and Time Points (t.p.)?

                    • Territories: Communities of niche interests on t2 are called Territories, where members can publish content and connect with a shared audience. For more details, check out our Territory Explainer.
                      • Time Points (t.p.): Time Points are a measure of your engagement and represent your social reputation on t2. The more you write and read, the more t.p. you earn. Learn more about Time Points here.

                        Who can participate in the Territory Race?

                        All registered participants of FWW S2. Register here if you haven't yet.

                        💃🏻 Individual Prizes

                        While you must join FWW as a member of a team, we are putting aside some prizes to reward individual excellence in writing.

                        Unique Lens Prize: $300 x4

                        This category is for writers whose stories touch a special niche.

                        Selected by our partner Lens Protocol every week (one per week).

                        New Writer Prize: $300 x4

                        The winners of this category are writers who join FWW for the first time and demonstrate value alignment with t2.

                        Selected and announced by the t2 team every week (one per week).

                        Best Friends Prize: $300 x2

                        The winners of this category are writers who demonstrate the power of friendship during FWW S2. All participants can submit the candidate and the evidence to this prompt (TO BE ADDED AFTER FWW SUBMISSION WINDOW OPENS) by 11:59pm GMT on March 31, 2024.

                        Winners are selected by the t2 team at the end of the contest and announced at the Award Ceremony.

                        There is no limitation on the prizes you can win, so you could be rewarded for consistency, impact, territory race and individual prizes for the same submissions.