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Hello writers,

After the resounding success of the inaugural Friends Who Write competition last November, which brought together a vibrant community of writers who created diverse stories and shaped new friendships, we are excited to announce Friends Who Write: Season 2 throughout March 2024.

Your enthusiasm, talent, and support for one another turned Friends Who Write into a category-defining writing movement. Building on that foundation, FWW S2 promises to elevate the experience further.

We're introducing more prize categories (for teams and individuals), workshops, and socials so you have all the more motivation to hit your next breakthrough.

Ready for a full month of writing adventure? Here’s everything you need to know.

Table of Contents

  1. What is FWW
    1. Prizes at a Glance
      1. How to join?
        1. Writing Rules
          1. Submission Guidelines
            1. Circle These Dates
              1. Special Events

                Friends who write isn't your typical writing contest — it's a celebration of friendship, knowledge, and individual creativity.

                The goal is straightforward: Over the month of March, writers team up and hold each other accountable to weekly sprint deadlines. Submit 1,000 words or more, on anything you want to write about, every Friday.

                While your writings might diverge, the goal is united: encourage and support one another to cross the finish line. While you are at it, dive into our Discord server and virtual socials to expand your writers circle.

                This challenge is not just about the finished works you publish, but a collective spirit of seeing things through, of putting aside time to focus on your writing even with everything else going on in the world. This is where friendships deepen and every word counts towards a shared experience.

                Consistency Prize

                We’re championing the steady writers: consistency counts! Teams for which every member made a minimum of 3 weekly submissions are automatically entered into a draw to win $2,500 to share.

                Impact Prizes

                We appreciate teams that make a splash! Teams with the most read posts stand to win the following cash prizes to share. We measure reads by total Time Points generated from all your submissions in March.

                • First Place: $1,500
                  • Second Place: $750
                    • Third Place: $250

                      For FWW S2, we added 2 NEW prize categories. Read more about them here so you don't miss out.

                      There is no limitation on the categories of prizes you can win for each submission. So you could be rewarded for consistency, impact, Territory Race and individual prizes for the same submissions.

                      • Complete the official registration form⬅️. Every team member must fill out their own registration using the same team name.
                        • You must have a t2 account to publish all submissions here. Sign up now.
                          • Writers can register from all corners of the globe.
                            • You must be 18+ to enter this contest.
                              • You must register as part of an accountability team of 2-6 members. Find new writing pals in our Discord if your current friends are not cool enough.
                                • Stick to one team! If you wish to change teams, both your current and new groups have to update their registration. Participants registered on multiple teams will be disqualified, but the remaining members will be unaffected.
                                  • Familiarize yourself with all the rules, terms, and guidelines laid out in this post before you begin.
                                    • By entering this contest and creating a t2 account, you agree to abide by our terms. TL;DR: You own your content. Be nice to each other and don't post anything illegal.
                                      • There are a wide range of topics you can submit under. These topics are grouped into Territories on t2.world and cater to every kind of writer. You do not have to submit all your entries to the same Territory every week. Your team members can even submit to different Territories from one another.
                                        • Publish at least one post every week in any Territory to remain in contention for the Completion Prize.
                                          • All posts which meet the submission guidelines below qualify for the Impact Prizes, Territory Race and individual writing prizes automatically.
                                            • Up for more? Participate in additional contests across Territories to be eligible for bonus prizes! We will share additional contest details here as they become available from our partners.
                                              • Language: English
                                                • Each post must be at least 1,000 words. Do not use text-based images to submit your entire post.
                                                  • All participants need to join the t/FriendsWhoWrite Territory so that we can track your submissions and share the latest FWW updates.
                                                    • Publish a new post to an appropriate Territory by each submission deadline (see "Circle These Dates" section). Hint: Fridays are deadline days!
                                                      • The exact submission and registration cutoff time is 11:59pm in the participant’s own time zone.
                                                        • Follow the steps in the image below to publish to Territories:
                                                          • You can submit almost anything: essays, short stories, thought pieces, blog posts, excerpts, and any other non-fiction or fiction work you like. Check out some of our Territories for reference.
                                                            • The goal of this challenge is to write something new and publish it in the same week. Please do not submit work that has been published elsewhere.
                                                              • Ensure your submission is original. Copyright infringements and AI-generated content will disqualify your entire team and bar you from entering any future competitions.

                                                                Make sure to mark the important deadlines

                                                                • Registration opens: now
                                                                  • March 1: Submission Opens
                                                                    • March 8: Submission #1 Due
                                                                      • March 13: Registration Closes
                                                                        • March 15: Submission #2 Due
                                                                          • March 22: Submission #3 Due
                                                                            • March 29: Final Submission Due
                                                                              • April 10: FWW S2 Award Ceremony

                                                                                Subscribe to FWW calendar to be reminded of important dates:
                                                                                Google Calendar

                                                                                📕 Writing Workshops

                                                                                You asked, we delivered. We invited seasoned guest facilitators to run workshops throughout the month so you can level up your writing game! Details will be sent to your email as they become available.

                                                                                ☕️Writer Hangout

                                                                                Our friends at Vagobond Media Group would love to welcome you at their weekly writer's hangout every Tuesday at 7:00pm GMT. Follow host CD on X to stay tuned.

                                                                                📣 Award Ceremony

                                                                                Join us on April 10 as we unveil the winning teams. Watch your inbox for an exclusive invite to the live stream.


                                                                                💡 Queries or concerns? Ask question below in the comment section or reach out to me directly at [email protected]. I'm here to help you and your group.

                                                                                Best of luck, and may your pens flow smoothly! ✍️

                                                                                Wanshu Yu
                                                                                Head of Growth

                                                                                Can't wait to start? Register here. ⬅️