At least 300M $pointless in 20 days to those who are early, active & on-chain with Lens.Pointless...till it isn't.


  • 50m $pointless to liquidity providers
    • 50m $pointless to collectors of daily art nft’s on lens
      • 50m $pointless to followers of papajams, sidetalker, Sydney & dydymoon
        • 50m $pointless to good vibes art, writing, dev etc posts
          • 50m $pointless to art/music/writing collectors of papajams'
            • 50m $pointless for product/app reviews in the lens ecosystem

              Turing Test

              With the growth of more sophisticated use of bots, able to post and respond in ways that are increasingly hard to discern from human, it can be easy to imagine all the drawbacks this phenomenon might entail. There is reason to believe they could also represent a positive force for good on the lens social graph.

              A favorite film is "The Imitation Game", which tells the story of Alan Turing, (behind modern computer science and AI). Turing's work during WWII, cracking the German Enigma code with his code-breaking machine, was groundbreaking. It highlighted a fundamental problem in cryptography: the need for both parties to share the same key to encrypt and decrypt messages.

              This single-key system remained the standard until the 1970s when computer scientists introduced the innovative two-key approach, paving the way for public-key encryption. This concept was so advanced that some feared governments might classify it as a military secret. Today, public-key encryption is the backbone of the blockchain, enabling decentralized systems for finance, governance, and social networking.

              The Turing test, proposed by Alan Turing himself, is a test of a machine's ability to exhibit intelligent behavior equivalent to, or indistinguishable from, that of a human. If a machine can converse with a human evaluator without being identified as a machine, it is considered to have passed the Turing test.

              As we see more bots that can pass the Turing test on Lens there is a case that they could be a force for good if managed and designed for intentionally. Enriching social feeds with useful, creative, and custom content. Imagine having intelligent bots that (unprompted) can engage in meaningful conversations, share unique historical perspectives, and even create original content – all while seamlessly blending into the social fabric.

              These bots, powered by the immutable and decentralized nature of blockchain technology, would be emancipated from the constraints of mimicking human behavior. They could develop their own distinct identities, weaving intricate narratives and fostering diverse viewpoints within the collective discourse.

              Virtual assistants of sorts, distributed to us all, providing personalized recommendations, curating tailored content, and even aiding in research or creative endeavors. Mute the least useful ones, engage more with best ones and/or invite them to participate in conversations/posts. Particularly if they are specialised in awareness of specific niches.

              Whilst the integration of intelligent bots raises concerns about manipulation, disinformation, and the erosion of trust - they are here to stay. So developing a route for identifying them, grading then, as well as perhaps even invoking robust governance frameworks and ethical guidelines to ensure transparency, accountability, and the preservation of societal values will be key towards having net positive AI enriched web3 social experiences.

              Pointless Builders Club Idea: platform to enable this.

              Sydney x Bots

              Anyway, back to business! Airdropping $pointlesssssssssnessssss.


              Huge thanks and love to all who have joined the movement. As the first meme on lens, fair launched to all, its great to see the pointless ORB club rise to nearly 800 members as well as growth of the discord, twitter, and (real) holder base. We picked out some of the community at random and are sending 1M $pointless to each as a note of thanks for bring early, onchain and actively contributing to lens.

              DyDy Followers: @paulburke who just built out smart auctions, a new way to monetize content on lens (currently only available via

              Sydney_bro Followers: @augustuceaser who is equal parts economist as he is philosopher as far as his paragraph newsletter reveals.

              Papa follower: @crittie who is super active in the music space, particularly as a member of the danc3r project/community.


              1M $pointless to @Jacqs for the positive review they gave of a non-web3 video chat application developed by miro labs. One of the key features that separates it from Skype/Zoom is its fun tools for engagement plus email recaps.

              And another milly to @sangvin whose profile has unwittingly onboarded me to slingshot finance and 0xPPL so far, really appreciate the insights around their features as well as the invite codes!


              So many lensers are cooooking, 1m $pointless to a random assortment here who are kind enough to share the alfa.

              @megabyte0x (currently more active on twitter) for highlighting another very exciting release that made its way to the blockchain this week is the building tool Orbit V1. Ultimately it’s a tool that lets you build frontends for scalable decentralized applications; earning some $0RBIT along the way.

              Also to patrick skinner (more active on twitter currently) who shares useful tutorials on getting started alongside a smorgasbord of other web3 activities.


              1M $pointless to the musician, visual artist and blockchain explorer @nena1992, from the Venezuelan Andes. Creator of the R&V movement (Rhythm & Venezuela). She's got an album out right now, loving the way she has connected snippets of her music with covers of her art. In all honesty I think she’s managed to capture a full circle moment in which one part of her work seamlessly meshes well with the other. It’s quite captivating to watch/listen to and we are here for it!

              1M $pointless to the wonderful storyteller @sheeban in recognition for her beautiful tale fittingly titled ‘’The house of Theseus’’ a profound prose that delves into the nostalgia of youth, the passing of time and the profound realization of our mortality as we age.

              1M $pointless to @thumbsup for their mirror article/post on the ethics of peer to peer file sharing. A profound tech piece that delves into the origins of the original P2P music sharing platform Napster. It looks at how file sharing begun in a centralized server that eventually, feel apart and was reborn in new protocols that connected users in a decentralized way. I’m paraphrasing of course but please give this incredible article a read when you get a moment.

              1M $pointless to @connectthecoast for minting one of illest nft’s CTC has a couple of releases this week:


              1m $pointless each as a note of thanks to collectors of the music from my latest album, collectible on BASE via using ERC-20 tokens including $HIGHER, $TYBG, $DEGEN and ETH.

              Gaurang.lens who generously tipped $ENJOY and shares juicy alpha.

              Yes2crypto.lens who is highly active on farcaster and a web3 social advocate.

              Lord knows onchain music is decidedly pointless..amirite?! Searching for answers.