I nominate my best friend Pamela. Pame and I have known each other since the first day of college classes, I remember that we started talking in the last class, it was a Chemistry laboratory and that's where our friendship began. We always teamed up at university, for any project we were together. One of these projects was research on ferns. For this, we had to go to the forest, look for ferns, collect information and take photographs. It is a very special memory, from then on, ferns became part of our friendship, for this reason the name of our team in this second season of FriendsWhoWrite: “Best Ferns”.

During the 2020 pandemic, we distanced ourselves a little, each one was busy with their personal projects, however, we continued to have contact from time to time through messages, time passed and thanks to the web3 and FriendsWhoWrite we returned to work on the same team. One day I received a message from my friend and we started talking, she invited me to be part of this contest, we formed our team and the essence of teamwork returned, it was like visiting the forest once again. Without a doubt, FriendsWhoWrite further strengthened our friendship.

Thanks to FriendsWhoWrite, we had that connection of friends and teamwork again. By reading Pamela's writings from this second season of FriendsWhoWrite I was able to get to know her more deeply, and if I admired her before, now I admire her much more, and how could I not, she is a very dedicated, intelligent, assertive, persevering person who strives to fulfill her dreams, today she is the founder of DeSciMéxico, a biologist, she works at AthenaDAO, she has given multiple lectures at events and hackathons, and in a few days she will be in Europe promoting the DeSci movement and showing the work of DeSciMéxico, she is a very admirable.

I love you very much my friend and thank you for always motivating and inspiring me, without a doubt you are a person who adds a lot to others, with your talks full of wisdom, your way of explaining, your friendship and your wonderful writings.

I love my friend Pamela's writing, you can see her elegance, empathy and her outstanding vocabulary. Her writings are full of knowledge, they spread the DeSci movement, they make you travel to the world of Biology and her stories make you reflect on life, without a doubt an excellent writer. Reading Pamela is like traveling to a forest and sitting under an oak tree, where you will always find a beautiful view, beautiful sensations and a lot to learn. Thank you so much, Pamela, my best fern!