Some time ago, I spoke about my friend Fernanda on the occasion of her birthday, and now the opportunity arises to nominate her for being an excellent teammate and, of course, an excellent friend. I want to nominate her for multiple reasons, but I will focus on the ones that have impacted and inspired me the most.

Firstly, I want to highlight the enthusiasm and effort she has put into understanding web3. I remember when I told her about the project to start our journey in this ecosystem with DeSci Mexico and to join the Friends Who Write contest in its first season. At first, she was thoughtful and hesitant, but always brave and responsible, trusting in her own abilities and intelligence.

I am grateful, my friend, for joining these adventures with me and for putting so much effort into them. The trust you place in me fills me with happiness and makes me feel a great responsibility towards you and our friendship.

Fer is a woman who has a lot of work; she is finishing her thesis, participating in She fi sessions to learn more and get involved in the Blockchain ecosystem, and also spends time learning music (playing the piano). The way she interprets melodies gives me goosebumps. Fernanda also takes great care of her health, and the dishes she prepares are original, healthy, and delicious. On more than one occasion, she has delighted me with exquisite dishes, among which I tried mushroom pozole for the first time.

During this season, we have had calls to organize ourselves and think about what to write, even late at night. Personally, I have had a lot of work, as my children are growing up and demanding more time. However, Fernanda, as understanding as ever, keeps up with the pace in the competition and does not allow our team to fall behind. For her support and dedication, thank you, my friend.

Furthermore, I want to nominate her for the quality of her writing and the content of it, which reflects her personality, interests, and passion for science and knowledge. This discipline has brought us together and has allowed us to continue creating projects together.

I invite you to read her articles and delve into scenarios from different times and environments. Reading will not only take you on a journey through time or a stroll through beautiful ecosystems but will also allow you to learn concepts and terms that you may have been unaware of.